Persistent update manager dialog box: XP Pro

  m800afc 05:17 01 Apr 2010

Windows XP Pro SP3; ASRock 775VM800; Pentium 4; 3GHz; 2Gb RAM

Following a scheduled, automatic update to XP Pro, my computer now displays an update manager dialog box stating:
"Please wait while Windows configures Update Manager".
When the progress bar has completed, the dialog box is replace by another stating:
"The feature you are trying to use is on a cd rom or other removable disk that is not available. Insert the 'Update manager' disk and click OK".
There is an option box titled "Use source" with one option, namely "1". Clicking on OK gives the message:
"Error 1706. No valid source could be found for product update Manager. The Windows installer cannot continue. Click OK"
Clicking on OK returns me to the original dialog box, thereby returning me to the Update Manager. Clicking on Cancel, returns me to the Error 1706 message.
This loop continues, with the dialog boxes appearing on top of all other windows. The only way to get out of the loop is by ending the process in Windows Task manager.
Each time I reboot the machine I get this process.
I have tried updating the system using Microsoft updates, and that seems to complete normally.

How can I stop this annoying process once and for all?

  EARLR 10:03 01 Apr 2010

Google it there are many answers there.
Good luck

  Sea Urchin 10:07 01 Apr 2010

Go to Start - Run - type in msconfig - then OK. Click StartUp tab - and then look for an entry relating to Update Manager or similar. Uncheck the box to the left of the entry, then click Apply and OK. Reboot - you will probably see a dialogue box asking whether to accept the startup changes - tick Don't ask again and click OK.

In fact you can clear all the boxes apart from those relating to your antimalware programs and firewall.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:27 01 Apr 2010

During installation of a program that uses Windows Installer to perform the setup, the original installation or the MSI package is cached in the C:\windows\Installer directory.
This is done mainly for maintenance or repair. Improper caching of MSI file is one of the main causes of the error.

1. You must ensure that you are logged on with administrative privileges on the computer before starting the installation.

2. In case you are installing from the Web and you are prompted to browse to MSI package, then you must first ensure that when you double-click on the Setup.exe file, it looks for the MSI package in the correct location.
A corrupt package may be set to look in the wrong location.

3.If the installation is unable to locate the required files, try to use the Windows search feature to look for the files and provide the location to the installation process.

4 If you are not trying to actually install anything then use the Registry tool in Ccleaner click here to fix any problems in the registry.
This is the safest Reg cleaner I know of.
Reboot after running Cleaner (at least three times) until nothing else is found and fixed.

  m800afc 15:39 02 Apr 2010

Thank you for your replies. The problem is still there and I can only end the loop via the Task Manager.

I have tried Google, and other search engines, but with so many keywords in the thread title, I have not been able to find an appropriate solution among the thousands of results, hence my question here.

Sea Urchin:
I have not been able to locate any files that directly relate to the download manager.

Fruit Bat /\0/\:
The problem occurs every time I start the computer. I am not trying to install anything, the dialog boxes appear anyway.
I have tried CCleaner, but it has not solved the problem.

Thanks all

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:44 02 Apr 2010

click here run the MSI cleanup tool from MSoft.

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