Persistent Spyware

  Dick W 09:09 10 Mar 2006

I have just installed Talk Talk Broadband and all went well for a few days. Now both of my computers have slowed up so much that the Broadband is dropping out after a few seconds. I have updated all my viruscan, Personal Firewall plus, Ad Aware, Spybot S&D,Microsoft Anti spyware, CWS and Stopzilla software and run them - found a few problems but nothing major. The system still runs very slow but is OK in my old dial up where I can download pages and send e-mails etc
Any ideas what to do - I've spent a fortune on calls to Talk Talk help line and reinstalled software but no difference.
Is there a better anti spyware package out there?

  Graham ® 09:14 10 Mar 2006

So the computers aren't slow themselves, just Broadband? My first thought is a line fault.

  Dick W 09:25 10 Mar 2006

That's what I thought but Talk Talk say that it's fine - they would wouldnt they!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:42 10 Mar 2006

Try a new filter on the line

  Graham ® 11:12 10 Mar 2006

Assuming BT, ask them to test the line - tell them it's noisy.

  cynote 12:13 10 Mar 2006

Join the gang. Since I signed up with talktalk on the 3rd February I have noticed a considerable drop in download speeds over my previous ISP. I was using Wanandoo 2Mbps and everything was ok with Download speeds in the region of 1900-2000Kbps,when I changed to TalkTalk 2Mbps my download speeds are averaging between 1020-1100Kbps. Like you I have been back to the technical support on the 5th March and have carried out further controlled download speed test at [email protected]_domain and posted the results back to talktalk. As of today I have had nor further response, however if there is still no answere come next Monday then I shall be writing to Charles Dunston, CEO at Carphone warehous. It would be worth your while trying some download speed test at and record the details for future reference.

  cynote 12:20 10 Mar 2006

Sorry, I forgot to add that I had also opted for their phone package as well and this came in force on the 20th February. So whether or not this is also relevant I don't know. I have also noticed similar threads on "Consumerwatch', so there is definitely something going on with this company. So it might be worthwhile starting a thread on Talktalk by itself.

  Dick W 13:13 10 Mar 2006

Thanks everyone for suggestions - still problems with new filter. And Yes I do have the phone line package as well. Will do speedtests as well

  Dick W 10:07 11 Mar 2006

Finally managed to do speedtest - 40kps max. I might as well still with dial up which is 48kps. No answer from two emails to Talk talk.
I'd suggest that any other readers be VERY careful in their dealings with Talk talk

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