Permissions not working properly anymore

  J.. 19:26 02 Sep 2018

A few weeks ago I got a notification that my Recycle Bin was corrupted. To fix this I needed to delete the $bin and restart. Whilst I tried to do this I noticed that I couldn't add, change or delete anything on my Hard drive. This was strange since I didnt change permissions on anything. I couldn't add or change anything in the security tab or the advanced security tab. I thought maybe I have a virus or malware on my disk and ran a complete scan on both with no results.

I used a separate system to look at my disk and had more permissions from there. Once put in my original computer I could delete the $bin but had have to give admin permission for every small change.

As of now I cant download things anymore to my disk, other programs (steam, gaijin) cant update or download anything either and steam says the problem is with the permissions.

My question is now "How do I get my permissions working again for myself and other programs"

Thanks in advance

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