Permissions issue moving files from external HDD

  Mike Parker 10:19 09 Mar 2018

So my old laptop monitor stopped working. The hard drive still functions fine. I attached a SATA to USB adaptor from the old drive to my new laptop. At first it connected fine and the drive was displayed as E: (system as D: etc.). However when I attempted to access my profile folder (where all my files are) on the old drive, I was asked for permission. I clicked continue and for a few minutes the new laptop was reading the old drive's folder. Suddenly it denied permission. After that, the old drive would no longer appear in my computer. It only appears for approx. 10 seconds when I connect the old drive to USB (even during this short time it won't allow me to get into to properties and change security settings for the folders).

Any assistance on getting around this issue i.e. how to make the old drive visible again and change the security settings to allow permission, would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

  wiganken2 14:12 09 Mar 2018

Does your old laptop have an HDMI port or a VGA port? If so then use an HDMI or VGA cable to connect to an external monitor (borrow one if you haven't got one). This should automatically bypass the laptop screen and you use the monitor instead. You can then copy all your files to an external hard drive and then copy them over from there to your new laptop.

  Mike Parker 21:03 09 Mar 2018

Have already tried the HDMI method. When the monitor died some smoke came out the back of the laptop so I think a critical component of the laptop was damaged.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:17 09 Mar 2018

what op system is the old and new drives on?

  Mike Parker 23:53 09 Mar 2018

Old drive is Windows 7, new laptop is Windows 10

  wiganken2 08:16 10 Mar 2018

When you say "I attached a SATA to USB adaptor from the old drive to my new laptop." did you mean you took the hard drive out of the laptop and put it into a caddy (like this click here and connected that to your new laptop via USB cable?

  Mike Parker 12:25 10 Mar 2018

Not on a caddy per se but I did detach the hard drive from the old laptop and attached a SATA-USB adaptor to it, and then connected to the new laptop. Worked fine when I connected the first time, but after denying permissions it doesn't appear in my computer any more.

  wiganken2 12:46 10 Mar 2018

Maybe Windows changed it into a hidden system folder? In File Explorer do you have "Hidden items" ticked?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:16 10 Mar 2018

take ownership of the files click here

  wiganken2 17:33 10 Mar 2018

In order to take ownership he has to be able to see them first and he can't.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:52 10 Mar 2018

Could be a conflict in registry

USe USBdeview to see usb devices connected remove the drive from the systemusing USBDeview, which will also remove the drvices drivers from egistry

shut down and unplug the drive.

reboot and reconnect the drive (usb lead), windows should refind and reinstall the drive.

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