perfume smell from pc

  sonicdj 15:56 03 Jan 2010

hi you may think this is a strange problem

i have just been given a pc from my brother
who bult a new pc and gave me the old one
the porblem is my brothers partner likes to
to wear strong perfume which has been sucked
into the pc
i have and intolerance of strong perfumes
which can give me hay fever like symptoms

when i opened the case it evedent that it needed
cleaning mostly the fans and heat sinks which i did
but there is still some smell coming out of it
when its running
can any one help

  User-312386 16:07 03 Jan 2010

When i go round to fix friends computers and they smoke, there inside of the PC smells like an ashtray! One friend gave me a computer and he smoked like a trooper, so you can imagine the smell! What i did was removed everything, including the motherboard and cleaned everything with a paintbrush to get the surface dust off. I then hoovered the inside, removed the power supply and hoovered that. When everything was out i then ran a damp cloth inside and out, waited for it to air then put everything back

  Forum Editor 16:12 03 Jan 2010

for a week. The smell will disappear.

  Graphicool1 16:23 03 Jan 2010

Stand a small open container of Bicarb of Soda inside the PC. It will absorb any smells.

  sonicdj 16:25 03 Jan 2010

thank you guys for the advise

yes i can rember a pc i fixed years ago that blonged to a smoker once the cpu fan looked like it had a lump of brown fudge jamed in it which had give up spining mmmmm.... nice

  Input Overload 16:45 03 Jan 2010

it could be the aftershave my son got me when he went to turkey, it is a bit strong.

  Input Overload 16:48 03 Jan 2010

It's about time PC's were sealed boxes with either water or some fluid going to a large heat sink outside the PC as I hate cleaning the things out.

You run the risk of damaging something each time you clean the heat-sink matrix etc. The amount of air that flows through a PC in a day is enormous. I did work it out once.

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