Performance seems worse since increasing RAM

  Shas 10:12 05 Dec 2006

Dell Dimension 1Ghz Pentium 3 running Win 2000 Pro SP4. I had been experiencing lots of sluggishness and programmes taking ages to open and close, so I increased the RAM from 384 to 512, (the maximum for the machine.) I didn’t expect miracles but I did think it would make things a little better. Far from improving things, it seems to be worse.

Thinking it may be because the two 256s were different brands and perhaps not compatible, I juggled around between two machines so that I have 512 of the same make, but it’s still no better.

Virus/spyware all up to date and checks come up clean apart from the odd tracking cookie; Ccleaner and Clean Up are run quite frequently, and as far as I can make out I only have essential programmes and processes running.

Any suggestions as to why things should seem so slow, and even slower since upping the memory? Thanks :o)

  ACOLYTE 11:16 05 Dec 2006

The speed at witch things open and close is not always a ram issue,it also takes into account the cpu speed and hard drive access time,and things loaded at start up that all use ram and cpu recourses.
It may well be that the speed you have now is all your pc can achieve.
512Mb ram is fairly low for todays standards as is a 1Ghz cpu and if W2000 is anything like XP it is extremely Ram/process hungry.

You could try a defrag of the hard drive and try cleaning out the rubbish on the hard drive click here with this you never know it may just improve)


  Shas 11:43 05 Dec 2006

I know it's not exactly a cutting edge machine - more state of the ark than state of the art - and even though I wasn't expecting anything great, I was curious as to why it seemed even worse straight away after adding the memory. Never mind, thanks anyway.

(ps I do use ccleaner quite regularly to give it a clear out.)

  Gongoozler 11:55 05 Dec 2006

Can't think why the memory should cause a problem, although some older motherboards weren't very good at memory management. Have you looked to see what programs load at startup? Presumably Windows 2000 is similar to the other Windows versions in accessing the the startup menu in the System Configuration utility via Start - Run - "msconfig" - Startup. Another common cause of sluggishness in low spec computers is Norton antivirus.

  ed-0 12:10 05 Dec 2006

Windows 2000 is near identical to XP, except it misses system restore and picturesque user interface ;-)

Trim msconfig > startup to the bone, as per Gongoozler

defrag as per ACOLYTE

open task manager to check out how many processes are running ( see if any one is hogging system resources ), how much total memory ( have you checked it is showing + are you using on-board graphics. The system may have pinched more )how much spare memory it has on tick over.

Run you AV and have you got spyware blaster blocking everything else?

Check that your virtual memory is set at 1.5Gb min and 1.5Gb max.

Check on the available amount of hard drive space, have you plenty?

Last and not least check that you don't have Norton on your computer:-)

  Shas 15:18 05 Dec 2006

Thanks for your replies.

I don't get msconfig, (it says can't find), but I do have Mike Lin's Startup and I've checked out and chucked out some of the start up programmes, so now there's only AV, firewall and my fax/printer programme.

Yes, I do have Spywareblaster running and updated regularly. Don't have Norton.

AV is scheduled to update and run daily.

35 processes running, but mostly all show as 'do not disable'.

Not a very big hard drive - only 20GB, (don't laugh!), and 10 GB free.

VM set at what the machine recommends - 768 MB.

I have just defragged, so I'll see if that, together with the clear out of start up thingies, makes any difference.

Thanks for your help :o)

  Shas 15:10 11 Dec 2006

Although not completely resolved, I am ticking as so because having a clear out did improve things a little, but it still goes on a go slow every now and then. Thanks again for advice :o)

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