Performance memory

  VNAM75 01:11 08 Mar 2005

How much benefit would you gain by opting for more expensive memory like OCR, Corsair etc over basic 184 pin DDR? I will be building an SLI system but am not sure if I would get any real benefit by paying an extra £50 for Crucial's Ballistix memory.

  Diodorus Siculus 07:36 08 Mar 2005

You are not likely to receive any noticeable difference unless you are into high performance gaming - even then, there will be many other negative impacts on performance.

Such memory is useful for something like a server where any error could cause an immediate problem - save your £50 for something else.

  [email protected] 11:00 08 Mar 2005

Interesting thread as I was down this road a few weeks ago. I bought "own brand" but recommended by the Crucial advisor and all sorts of problems. Changed the order to more expensive (Samsung Original) and everything works a treat. I know reaction has to be, the first one was u/s or not compatible, but the supplier assures me it was OK on both counts. What should be simple seems to me to be a bit of a hit a miss affair [because all PC's are a group of different components with different specs/likes and dislikes] and can be confusing the deeper you go into it. My advice would be take the Crucial Advisors/mobo manufacturer's recommendations and buy the cheapest. If it does'nt work they will replace it so keep doing this for the same or better until it does. I agree with Diodorus Siculus - files which open 1 or 2 nano seconds faster are not really worth the extra cash but the difference in high performance gaming is significant [with additional memory of the same type as that already fitted]. Few of us are in a position to compare then buy and benchmarking is the only real physical test - or is it the wallet!!!

  Chegs ® 13:03 08 Mar 2005

Only reason to spend extra on the RAM is if your after overclocking.I have 3 sticks of DDR(cheapest I could get)two from the same mfg.The different brand stick (when tested)was slightly slower than the other two,and when trying to extract a bit extra from it caused crashes/lockups.Set them all to "default" settings,and the slower stick occasionally causes errant behaviour(usually when it gets a tad warm)If your not going to OC,then "budget" RAM works well enough for the home PC.

  Mr Mistoffelees 13:29 08 Mar 2005

I would still favour buying good quality ram from one of the well known manufacturers, not just the cheapest. I have bought Crucial ram twice and can't fault it. At the moment I am running 1GB, 2x512MB, of standard Crucial pc3200 ram on an Asus A7V600. For those who want the extra performance of Crucial Ballistix it has timings of 2,2,2,6 and the standard ram runs at 3,3,3,8. I run my ram at 2.5,2,2,6. As you can see very close to Ballistix timings and with rock solid stability. I did try 2,2,2,6 timings but it would not boot though I am sure I wouldn't notice the difference.

  gudgulf 14:39 08 Mar 2005

If you are aiming for an SLI system then performance is the name of the game.You will be going to the expense of two graphics cards and an expensive motherboard so don't cut corners.The faster RAM will allow you to experiment more with overclocking and provide the best possible performance with your set-up.

  VNAM75 19:18 08 Mar 2005

Thanks everyone, very helpful. I am a little concerned about the comment from Diodorus Siculus about the negative effects. I've heard more powerful memory is particularly suited to the AMD 64 platform (I will be getting an AMD 64 3800+).

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Crucial's Ballistix is very good value, only £165 for a single 1GB module, which is why I am considering buying it. I will not be overclocking to start off with but will use it for high end games, and it will be an SLI setup.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:23 08 Mar 2005

Don't worry too much about my comment re. negative effects. Really, what I meant is that there are likely other bottlenecks in the system. But if it is based on the latest processor and a good mobo you will be ok.

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