performance bottlenecks

  Radius 13:47 19 Feb 2004

I've heard of performance bottlenecks if your RAM isnt up to scratch with your CPU. I'm looking to run a P4, 3.0 GHz, 800 MHz FSB CPU. Could anyone reccommend the amount of RAM (preferably a specific model of RAM too) that would give me the best performance alongside such a processor.

Thanks in advance.

  LastChip 14:11 19 Feb 2004

on the operating system you intend to run with it and also, which motherboard you are pairing the CPU with.

  hugh-265156 16:07 19 Feb 2004

after choosing the motherboard you like

click here will tell you which type of ram to get.

if overclocking "corsair" is popular but expensive.

  Radius 22:11 19 Feb 2004

M/B: click here

I plan to use XP Home.

Thanks in advance.

  LastChip 22:21 19 Feb 2004

click here for your options. Use the PC3200 memory with that processor and FSB.

  Mysticnas 22:29 19 Feb 2004

if you're planning to run a CPU with a 800FSB, which you are, then the optimum DDR RAM for you will be one that matches 800FSB.

If you're not planning to overclock then you need PC3200 RAM. this is RAM that runs at 200Mhz (DDR 400mhz). If you plan to overclock then you'll be wanting faster RAM, something like PC3500.

Basically the RAM needs to in sync with the FSB for optimum performance. If you overclock your FSB your RAM automatically clocks itself; which means you need RAM that can handle working at the inscreased frequency.

Crucial is, im my opinion, by far the best RAM. Their customer service is best too. There is a RAM review in one of current PC mags, comparing OCZ, Corsair, kingston etc...

Crucial won a gold award. They post to you by special delivery, which normally gets to you within 2day, if not the next day. They have a 30 day money back thing, and a life time warrenty as far as i understand. They garuntee their RAM to work. If it doesn't they will replace it.

  -Beb- 22:31 19 Feb 2004

I bought a 3ghz p4 800fsb a couple of months ago and I ordered 2 twin pairs (ie 4x 256mb) of corsair 3200low latency ram and damn it's fast. I originally ordered a single twin pair of 2x512mb which should be a little faster but they were out of stock :(

  Radius 23:11 19 Feb 2004

Thanks to all of you, some great info there.


Mysticnas, or anyone else who can help: here is the motherboard which i plan to use:click here alongside a P4, 3.0 GHz, 800 MHz FSB CPU (which I DO NOT plan to overclock) that I mentioned earlier. If anyone could give me a specific set of RAM to use (2x 512k DDR) that would run optimally along side the motherboard and CPU I mentioned.

Thanks in advance.

  Radius 23:14 19 Feb 2004

BTW: My budget on the RAM is about 150, could stretch a little if it meant better performance.

  LastChip 23:23 19 Feb 2004

click here for the approved memory, also PC3200 and as it happens, the same cards.

  Mysticnas 16:00 23 Feb 2004

go to crucial website click here and navigate to the UK site. Use the memory selector to find your exact RAM that you need. You can't go wrong with that at all. You'll find you're perfectly matched RAM there.

No need to pay more and go elsewhere and pay almost double!

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