People STILL receiving my attachment emails twice.

  nick_j007 23:11 09 Oct 2004

click here

For the original link to this discussion back in the summer.

I marked it as resolved in the end as it seemed to stop.
It would appear that it never did stop, and I cannot now send a few jpegs or other attachments from my XP home account using Outlook Express v.6 without the recipient getting them twice.

I did run a string if emails with Freeserve and I gave up in the end!

I did follow all the links provided to me in the above, and run quite a few of my own searches too.

This is a real shame as I am an avid photographer and love to plague others with my work. But they get it all twice.

I have tried it zipped or using XP's email option and they both go out twice about a minute apart.

Any new readers have some fresh insight maybe? Ask me a question if I have left something out.

Many thanks in mild desperation.


  bretsky 00:21 10 Oct 2004

sorry to go over old ground, but have you tried sending an email with an jpg attachment to yourself via OE6, and if so what happened?

You say "I cannot now send a few jpgs or other attachments from my XP home account using Outlook Express v.6 without the recipient getting them twice"............Is this everybody you send to, or is it certain recipients,inotherwords ,have you narrowed it down?

bretsky ;0)

  nick_j007 00:28 10 Oct 2004

It would appear that everyone I send an attachment to gets it twice including myself!

I send attachments to quite a few people across the world and there seems to be little descrimination really.

Normal text emails are ok btw.

I suspect it to be an ISP issue...but I was hoping to find a box that needs ticking or otherwise.

I have done a complete reinstallation due to a new HDD a while back and I hoped this might solve it but no.

Thank you for looking in.


  bretsky 00:55 10 Oct 2004

It's a puzzling one this problem you have, I have read the other link, and my first thought was you had some kind of malware on the system, but you say you haven't and no spyware/adware or viruses present, then the problem must lie with your ISP.

On the few occasions I have had to deal with the tech support at W/doo, they have been very very helpful.

Let us know how you get on, and If I think of anything else I'll let you know!

bretsky ;0)

  bretsky 01:32 10 Oct 2004

I think what is happening is your jpg attachments are being fragmented into 2 pieces via a setting in OE>Tools>accounts>properties>Advanced tab and see if you have the box 'Break apart larger than' checked, if so uncheck it and apply then ok.

Also take a look here click here and

click here

bretsky ;0)

  nick_j007 09:35 10 Oct 2004

I shall have to direct my efforts to my ISP then. I should clarify that the whole email is received twice,and not in two parts.
The links are interesting but not really ringing bells directly to my situation.

I have checked that box already and it is unchecked...all those boxes on that page are unchecked btw, and my server time out is 1 minute (sound ok?).

Off to my ISP later on then.



  nick_j007 21:26 14 Oct 2004

For those with a thread of interest (I hope there might be a few) this is a minor set back from Wanadoo. They have not really listened/read my letter either as they continue to blab on about my inability to open attachments (this is not my problem).
Suggested next course of action is?
I have provisionally made my mind up that it is a server error.
Sigh. I will of course reply back.

Dear Nick,

Thank you for your email.

We regret that we are not able to give any detailed advice on sending
and receiving attachments.

There may be several reasons that you are unable to open email
attachments. The most common problem is when your computer does not have
the necessary program to show or open the attached file type.

For more information and assistance with this problem, please either
check the help files in Outlook Express, contact your Vendor, ask the
person who forwarded the attachment, or consult Microsoft's support
pages by clicking the link below:

click here

If you have any further queries then please do not hesitate to get in
contact with us again.

Kind Regards

I wrote.....

Please follow this link (linking to this thread)for an in depth history on this problem I'm

Basically, all my attachments in my email are received twice. Text
emails are ok. This was an on-going issue for us both some time back but
it was never resolved and I am now feeling it must be a server error.
Please help me out I'm (and my recipients) are going nuts.

Kind Regards,

Nick Jones

  VoG II 21:32 14 Oct 2004

Is this a server timeout problem perhaps click here

  nick_j007 22:04 14 Oct 2004

Argh! Just typed a reply and lost it in my browser somehow.

Basically, yes. Looks a good lead. Did look there myself recently but dimissed it !

Like the idea of the AV scanning and causing a delay etc. I did read your link thank you.

Experiments to be had soon then.

Will report back with my findings.

Many thanks to you VoG.


  nick_j007 13:04 18 Nov 2004

Well, almost a conclusion anyway. I thought I would leave my final status here for those that might search and read this later on.

Not very scientific, but I ended up changing to Incredimail in the end; and all my attachments go out the once now.
Certainly not my ISP then, and it must have been a corruption somewhere in O.E. Strange as it continued to do this even after a complete reinstallation of XP and all its programmes.
I did install Thunderbird first and really liked the layout as it was very similar to O.E., but I could not configure it correctly so being the persistent type I gave up and went over to Incredimail which I find perfectly adequate, and even enjoy the smilies you get with it!
I was very relieved to see that new email clients have a built in wizard that bring over all your O.E. files and folders for you and you are ready to go straight away.
Some things can go easily you see :-)



  john-232317 13:47 18 Nov 2004

Do you run AVG 7 ?

I had a problem setting up AVG email scanning out, I recieved all my emails in but when i tried to send out they were bounced back with 2 copies of each, they didn`t even leave the PC.

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