"....people say ME is evil"

  Forum Editor 20:07 30 Sep 2003

I haven't met any of those people - but I have had Windows ME running on a machine in my office since the operating system was launched, and it hasn't crashed on us once.

In my opinion it is exactly as Mango Grummit describes it - "rock solid if properly installed and set up".

Having said that, the best operating system Microsoft has ever produced is WindowsXP, without a shadow of doubt. I certainly wouldn't describe it as hard to use, exactly the opposite in fact. A truly successful operating system shouldn't dominate - it's primary purpose is to run the computer, and the software on it, with a minimum of fuss, and to interact with peripherals as and when required, leaving you to get on with the real work in hand. Once the operating system comes between you and what you want to do, so to speak, it has failed to fulfil its purpose.

The perfect operating system is still but a dream, and it will be a while before my description of its real function is fully realised - we all still have to fiddle and tweak occasionally, and the degree to which we do it is dictated to a large extent by our desire to see what's under the bonnet. Windows XP comes close to fulfilling my requirements, at least until something better comes along, and I have no hesitation in recommending it.

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