People receiving my emails twice...

  nick_j007 09:55 14 Jun 2004

Especially if they have .jpg's attached.

I have submitted this question before some time ago, and it seems to be reocurring. It was not resolved before and I put it down to a server error.

Any bright monday morning thinkers have any ideas on what might be happening here?

If I check my 'sent items' in OE v.6 running on WXP Home, it only shows it going out once.




  nick_j007 21:18 19 Jun 2004

Any Saturday night takers on this?

Still happening!


  Valvegrid 21:25 19 Jun 2004

Have you tried an experiment and sending an email from the web mail, if you can, instead of using OE? If you get the same result, have a word with your ISP.

  nick_j007 21:29 19 Jun 2004

I use Freeserve/Wanadoo.

Do you mean to go into Freeserves email from the web address and send from there?

Thing is, it's random anyway.


  Valvegrid 21:38 19 Jun 2004

Ahh, sorry you didn't mention it was intermittent in you original post. I think you'll still have to prove it one way or the other and try using you web mail for the time being until you can come to some conclusion. Yes, go into Freeserves web email.

Just one thought, is this more than one recipient that is getting this problem? Incase it's their end and not your's.


  nick_j007 22:11 19 Jun 2004

It would appear that it is happening with others, intermittently, and mostly with attachments (I post lots of pictures to my family).

Will run a few experiments with the email sending point then.

If I establish it to be a problem in O.E. what might I do then?

Any takers?!

Kind Regards,


  Valvegrid 22:28 19 Jun 2004

Have you made sure your Anti virus is up to date. Also make sure you haven't got some scumware causing it by running these:

click here

click here


  nick_j007 22:31 19 Jun 2004

Thank you Paul for keeping a look-in.

I run Norton AV so I'm ok there and do run both of those Spyware prog's from time to time, and have scanned using both in the last couple of days.

Drawing board and back to....

  Valvegrid 22:36 19 Jun 2004

Ok, I'll keep looking, at least it'll keep your post at the top of the pile :-)


  nick_j007 22:42 19 Jun 2004

he he. Pour me another wine will you?

I'm doing a search on Google for duplicate emails but coming up with little of interest/note.


  Valvegrid 22:47 19 Jun 2004

I'm checking Microsoft, but it's a hard slog as usual.


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