Pentium two, Run ME ?

  pavel 08:34 26 Jun 2003

I have an IBM P2 with 64 mb ram and 3 gigs HD on which I run AOL7,Word 2000 and 3 instant messenger accounts. yahoo,Aol instant messenger and MSN with the famous Millenium Edition as the operating system. I have noticed that the Hard drive is always working and as a result the machine is slow. Questions 1. Is ME too much for a p2 system? Is the ram too small (Tried to upgrade but m/c wont allow it)? Is the HD shot or on the way out ? I have cleaned up the HD and defragged which helps for a little bit.
What do you think folks?

  Pesala 09:00 26 Jun 2003

64 Mbytes is enough, and 3 Gbytes is enough hard drive space. I would suspect that AOL7 is more likely to be causing problems than Windows ME. Try switching to Internet Explorer or Opera and see if it makes any difference.

Check the minimum system requirements for the programs you are running. AOL may specify at least 64 Mbytes and recommend 128 Mbytes. If so, that is the cause of all the page file swapping. If you can't increase your RAM, reduce the workload.

  expertec 09:05 26 Jun 2003

You haven't got enough RAM or Hard Disk space, you didn't say what speed processor you've got but I'm running ME on a AMD 450 processor and it gets a bit slow sometimes

  TechMad 09:14 26 Jun 2003

Why run Windows ME? ME is very unstable at the best of times. Get Windows 98SE, which is much more stable and easier on your system specification.

  DieSse 09:53 26 Jun 2003

More RAM will almost certainly cure, or help big time with your problems. If there really is no way to increase this, then you'll just have to live with it. If you post full details of the model number of your system, someone will confirm the RAM situation for you.

WinME is fine - forget the hassle of trying to go back to Win98

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