Pentium or Celerion or Duron?

  colg 20:44 30 Jan 2003

Obviously intel try to push pentium proecessors, but is there really any significant differnce between Pentium and Celerion? or in fact with AMD Duron?

  Totally-braindead 21:22 30 Jan 2003

Yes there is. Apart from the speed rating of the chips the Duron and the Celeron are both slower than their Athlon and the Pentium equivalents for various reasons smaller cache, slower bus etc.
If you're asking if software will still work then the answer is yes all the chips you mention will run all PC software providing they meet the minimum requirements.
Hope that answers you question.

  colg 21:26 30 Jan 2003

Thanks that explains some, anyone got other views?

  Ironman556 21:35 30 Jan 2003

I've been told to stay away from Duron's because they're slow. My Dad has an a 1.2gig Duron running XP, somtimes opening a program such as MS Word, or even Control Panel, opens no faster than it does on my PIII 500. Loading games is also slow. There's nothing wrong with it though if you don't need speed and won't be running any processor intensive games etc.

I'm currently looking at which is best to go for. I've been told that the Athlon XP's are great, and that Celeron's are fine too and both much cheaper than a Pentium IV.


  gamesaregood 21:42 30 Jan 2003


I have a AMD Athlon XP 1700+ in a Jetway 266B with 256MB SDRAM is slower than my Duron 700 with an MSI Motherboard. I am talking here about general use such as internet and word not games whic my athlon xp excels in.

What i am saying and that i have learnt the hard way is that a good motherboard can also make a massive differance to the pc.

Also don't let this put you off athlons my friend has a 1.2gig athlon and its very very fast he runs it on a Abit motherboard.

I hope this helps Michael

  DieSse 02:26 31 Jan 2003

Motherboards make at most a very small (1-5%)difference to performance. It will be other differences between the systems that are making a big difference.


Yes there is a difference, but it's very difficult to be specific unless you say which models you are comparing with which.

Essentially Celerons are Pentiums, with smaller caches, and lower FSB speeds. Which means a 2GHZ Celeron will be slower than a 2GHz Pentium4 (but it's cheaper!).

Durons are also slower Athlons - but the Duron is not produced any more, and the fastest ones are only about 1.4GHz.

They all work, all do the same job - the more you pay, the faster you go basically.

What I would choose is

Super-budget ..... Celeron 1.3-1.4GHz

Budget ...... Celeron 2GHz

Performance ...... Pentium4 2.4-3GHz

Budget with plenty of upgrade capability ....... Celeron 2GHz with a good motherboard.

  nufc 10:51 31 Jan 2003

I need a computer, either notebook/pc which must have the following
PC with Pentium-compatible 133MHz or higher processor.
Windows2000 professional/XP Professional
Hard disc - 100MB
CD-ROM drive
Super VGA
Mouse and printer
Can anybody recommend something?
Thank You.

  graham 10:56 31 Jan 2003

Start a new thread -:)

  billyliv 11:13 31 Jan 2003

Hi, Just to add to the confusion, I built and use two systems, 1)--P4 1.5 Ghz. 2) AMD Duron 950Mhz. There isn't the slightest difference between them. Cheers, Bill

  woodchip 11:29 31 Jan 2003

As DieSse say's you need to look for bottlenecks Athlon XP is best based on Pound for Pound value.
PS it's only as fast as it's slowest component in hardware

  duplo 12:08 31 Jan 2003

I ran A duron 700 in my old computer- and it ran a treat. It played all games, ran all my aplications...etc.

My mate ran an old school celeron (333) and at the time it did all he asked- mainly games.

Althoug I use my machine a great deal I cant tell the difference in general use or even in games. Obviously my new machine is fater, but if they did a Duron at higher clock speed I would get one.

The money one can save on a CPU can be spent on a higher quality MOBO, More Ram and Graphics.

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