Pentium-M Centrino Speed Equivalent Query

  eric_cantona 13:58 28 Jan 2005

My brother is looking to buy a new laptop, and he has seen one with a Pentium-M Centrino Processor 725 (1.6GHz/400MHz FSB/2MB L2 Cache)

My question is simple. I am used to a standard P4 processor (i have 2.8GHz in my notebook).

What would the Centrino mentioned above's equivalent speed be in P4 terms?

the laptop is the Acer TM 4502WLMi at the bottom of this page: click here=

  JonnyTub 14:16 28 Jan 2005

What would the Centrino mentioned above's equivalent speed be in P4 terms

There isn't an equivalent so to speak, it's a 1.6ghz processor and yours is a 2.8. Yours is faster by quite a distance, but, the centrino will outlast yours by miles in terms of battry life

  eric_cantona 14:24 28 Jan 2005

OK, so which one performs better?

My brother used a lot of Football Manager 2005, no other games, Word Processing, and wireless internet

  JonnyTub 14:27 28 Jan 2005

centrino in my humble opinion will run those apps fine, check the graphics card though for the games and makesure it's up to the job of footbal manager 2005, i wouldn't know, i don't play games.

  JonnyTub 14:29 28 Jan 2005

it uses this chipset click here

  Modo 16:05 28 Jan 2005

I find the 1.7 centrino is similar to the P4 2.8 but with nothing like the multi tasking capability.

I recall reading the 1.6 is in the 2.4 to 2.53 range if as was said earlier it is really possible to compare.

As told by JonnyTub it is a stand alone grafix card (as opposed to Integrated)which will make a difference on games.

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