pentium m and centrino the same thing

  Viv-208691 20:39 18 Oct 2004

hello, thinking of buying a laptop but am a tad confused. are pentium m and pentium centrino the same thing, if not which is better??

If you want an all round good performance (ie processing rates + battery life) which processor is best for middle weight laptops (say 2-3.5 kg)???

Thanks, help would be greatly appreciated.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:38 18 Oct 2004

Centrino is made up of three things:

a pentium - m processor

a built-in wi-fi adaptor

and something else that escapes me...

click here and click here for lots of info.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:43 18 Oct 2004

As for buying, go for a dothan processor (newer, similar technology) if you can afford it - but this is certainly the way to go rather than down the line of huge desktop replacements that are too heavy to carry around.

  Viv-208691 21:55 18 Oct 2004

ok, so centrino is a more advanced version of pentium m then and hence better??

Its just that i read some guy on a different thread saying that centrino is 'rubbish'. is there any truth to this?


  Dipso 22:08 18 Oct 2004

People have been known to confuse Centrino and Celeron.

  Dipso 22:11 18 Oct 2004

The other requirements are I think, extended battery life and light weight. click here

  Viv-208691 22:18 18 Oct 2004

ie, is the guy at bottom of this thread talking any sense? click here

  Viv-208691 22:39 18 Oct 2004

ok, thanks, im guessing that he isnt then?

  temp003 04:11 19 Oct 2004

The Centrino label is not important. The Pentium M is.

To follow on from what Diodorus Siculus was saying, from what I can remember, for a laptop to be called Centrino, the 2nd requirement is Intel's own wifi connection (IntelPro Wireless), the 3rd is Intel's motherboard chipset (something like 855 something or other).

The most important item is the Pentium M CPU. It's the new architecture of the Pentium M which gives it better performance than the Pentium 4 despite a lower clock speed, and more efficient power consumption compared to the old laptop Pentium CPUs.

The chipset almost inevitably comes with the CPU (I'm not sure there are any makers who use the Pentium M without using the chipset).

As to wifi, some laptop makers use another wifi adaptor (sometimes better than the Intel one). As a result, these cannot be called Centrino.

If a laptop says it uses Pentium M, that's all you need. Don't worry about the Centrino label.

The Dothan is a more recent core for the Pentium M. 2MB L2 cache (double that of the last Pentium M core) - except perhaps an ultra-low voltage one, and further improvements on power management. New laptops should be offering the Dothan core Pentium M.

  Diodorus Siculus 06:53 19 Oct 2004

That is the third one - the chipset.

JFKing - what is on that thread is wrong; possibly mistaken with celeron as mentioned above.

What temp003 says is good - worth consideration if you are in the market for a new machine.

  Viv-208691 08:35 19 Oct 2004

ok, thanks a lot, esp to temp, thats really useful.

i appreciate all of your time and i shall take into consideration all that has been said when i buy my new laptop. thanks a lot.

Kind regards, Kingsley

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