Pentium Inside on Boot Screen

  cowgirl66 09:21 25 Sep 2013

I am running Windows 7 and have an Intel Pentium D CPU 2.80 Ghz. The trouble is that since two days ago I am seeing a blue logo on the top left of my boot screen shortly after the the screen with the Nvidia drivers screen appears; it's , the lower half of a square or rectangle with 'Pentium Inside' written on it in white lettering.

How did it get there? It's making me nervous everytime I see it because it looks old fashioned. So I compared the driver dates with my friend's computer, because he has exactly the same one, same processor, and his has the same drivers, but he doesn't get the logo when he starts up his computer.

Can anyone help? Has anyone else got this too?

Regards, cowgirl66

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:42 25 Sep 2013

Certainly nothing to worry unduly about

It will be a eary logo screen set in BIOS -

Initially Bios graphics may be 800x600 but you screen is set to a much higher value hence you only see part of the full logo screen. BIOS then adjusts the settings as it moves through POST.

I assume the machine is 4 /5 yrs old? and switched off at mains regularly? Its possible the CMOS battery is dying and the BIOS has reverted to default the screen may have been disabled by whoever set up the machine initialy (your manufacturer).

  cowgirl66 09:57 25 Sep 2013

Thanks Fruitbat, so assuming I can get a replacement battery, how can I set the Bios to where it should be i.e to where it was before this happened?

I will come back to this post lunch time as I'm off to work now ;-)

Regards cowgirl66

  cowgirl66 12:31 25 Sep 2013

Do you mean the screen has been set to default? As the manufacturer set it?

  cowgirl66 13:17 25 Sep 2013

..and yes the machine is at least 5 years old, but it's kept clean and runs smoothly.

.. and yes I do turn it off every night, and in the daytime when I'm not using it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:05 25 Sep 2013

As I said nothing to worry about.

What is the make and model

The BIOS has a default setting - the sellers (i.e. DELL Gateway Medion) tweak the BIOS to suit themselves.

There should be a setting in BIOS that can turn this off, sometimes selecting Fast Boot in BIOs will turn it off.

If the machine is switched off at the mains the CMOS battery is used to retain BIOS settings and this will flatten over time usually problems with PC showing wrong date and time are first symptoms of a flat battery as BIOS losses tweaked settings an reverts to default.

  lotvic 15:27 25 Sep 2013

SPAM from sangbac

FE Informed

  cowgirl66 15:30 25 Sep 2013

It's a Gateway GT 5042b. I have tried doint system restore but it won't work, I get an error message, and I tried to go into safe mode but that won't work either. I press F8 and choose Safe Mode, the files load up, and the next thing that happens is the screen goes completely black for a few seconds, then part of the blue Windows 7 splash screen appears along the top with large letting of 'Windows 7 Premium, and the 'On/Off' button in the top right hand corner (I think)

I will try BIOS as you suggest, and see if this works

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:50 25 Sep 2013

This is way before windows so nothing in windows will have any effect.

  cowgirl66 15:52 25 Sep 2013

Well that was no good either, same thing happened as when I tried Safe Mode and failed. I clicked on F2 when told to do so on the screen, Bios began loading, then I ended up with a black screen with a grey 'BIOS' strip at the top with two options top right corner which were to 'go back to the last page' or 'save and exit'.

So, to summarise, I can't do Safe Mode, I can't do BIOS, my screen is saying Power Saving Mode when I start up and shut down, and thanks to sangbac I got spam on my post. Nice.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:22 25 Sep 2013

Shut down

pull power lead from back of PC

hold power button down for 30 seconds

reinsert power lead retry to boot to BIOS.

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