Pentium II or III?

  Boffin Boy 23:23 17 Jul 2004

I have just purchased a laptop on eBay. The seller sold it to me as a Dell with Pentium III, after i won this item i asked the seller if they knew anymore about it, they replied and said it was Dell Latitude CPi. I have done some research and do not believe they made a Latitude CPi with Pentium III. Does anyone know if they created a Latitude CPi model with PIII? The laptop also came with a wireless network card, CD ROM drive, Floppy, 10/100 LAN Card, Carry Case and WinXP. It Cost £180. If the prosessor is PII is this still a good deal?
Thank You.

  THE TERMINATOR 23:33 17 Jul 2004

right click the 'my computer' icon and choose properties and from the system properties screen it should tell you what type of prosessor you are running....TT

  tony1160 00:26 18 Jul 2004

i think you'll try above when you have the laptop,,,,,there is a possiblity theve upgraded to P3 as well.. althou it seems they do have a P3 version click here ..hope this helps

  Boffin Boy 00:49 18 Jul 2004

Thanks for reading the question tony1160!
I think it's probably a PII.

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