Pentium 4 worth more than AMD Semperon 3000+?

  Skinn 11:45 14 Dec 2004

The price difference between the above is £80 on a new desktop - is the P4 worth the extra?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:50 14 Dec 2004

Unless you are mad into gaming you will notice no difference whatsoever and even if you are into gaming I would be extremely dubious. Save £80 and buy an external 80Gb Freecom HD from will save you many times over.


  Noelg23 11:58 14 Dec 2004

the wizard has a point...better off with AMD. i know I would...I use one :o)

  Skinn 12:06 14 Dec 2004

Thanks for the prompt replies! What about long term durability of the AMD? Why do you suggest buying an external hard drive - to back up to?

  Noelg23 12:15 14 Dec 2004

external hard drive I can only imagine was recommended for back up. but the reason I say AMD is cos yes the reliability is good, also you can overclock AMD CPUs and Pentium 4s dont even run at the speed they say on the box.

  TomJerry 12:55 14 Dec 2004

Semperon is cut down version of Barton and it is on the same class of Intel Celeron.

Which one you want, P4 or Celeron? There is no contest performance wise, especially audio and video encoding and editing.

  fourjays 12:59 14 Dec 2004

"Pentium 4s dont even run at the speed they say on the box."

By about a very few Mhz. My P4 2.8Ghz runs at 2790 by default. 10Mhz. I overclock it a tiny bit to bring it up though.

In my experience, Intel products are of a better quality and stability. But I won't start down there, as everyone supports AMD nowadays. :(

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:11 14 Dec 2004 good having a fancy processor and graphics cards if you lose all the info on your computer...external HDs are the way forward. You can also dump programmes that are infrequently used on them rather than using your main drive.


  fourjays 19:03 14 Dec 2004

I didn't say that back-up was a bad idea...

  Alex-188000 19:08 14 Dec 2004

I prefer amds. P4 is just overpriced and i am with gandalf, just buy sempron and use the £80 2 buy somethin else

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:43 14 Dec 2004

'Why do you suggest buying an external hard drive - to back up to?'...was the question that I was responding to ;-))


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