Pentium 3 Processor wanted (desperately)

  Flopper 15:55 12 Nov 2003

I appreciate this is old technology but I need to get one of the following Pentium chip's:

PIII 800EB 133Mhz FC-PGA 256k.

If anybody knows where I can beg, steal or borrow one from I would be grateful.

  recap 16:10 12 Nov 2003

Your best bet is your local phone book, Flopper. I can relate to your problem as I have been trying to find one for a few months now for one of our servers.

  Flopper 16:34 12 Nov 2003


I just missed one today on EBay by literally minutes and I hate myself with a passion !
My problem is also lack of knowledge, ie, my current P3 600EB chip is a 1.65 volt job but I need to know if I can use one at 1.7 volt or will my chip be toast ?
I can get them off Ebay but at 100mhz Bus Speed, although the difference to the average user is probably not noticeable) and often as a Slot 370 as opposed to a Slot 1 (but you can buy adaptors that allow the former to become the latter to sit in a Slot 1 MotherBoard)

  recap 18:45 12 Nov 2003

It is preferable that the new/replacement chip is the same as the old one, or so I have been told by our technician.

Check your MB spec's to see which it will take. If you don't have the manual look on their website it should all be their for you.

Good luck with your searching.

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