A Pentium 3 500mhz is better than my AMD 2500+???

  pcwhizz 15:07 21 Aug 2004

I have recently insatlled xp home on my sisters

Pentium 3 500mhz
256mb Ram

It runs sweet as a nut!

Yet my AMD 2500+ barton
512mb of crucial ram
80gb western digital EIDE

seems to be very sluggish even when i have started from scratch and formatted the harddrive.

Its one ive self built myself! could it be me thats made it slow in sum way.

the FSB speed is correct at 166mhz?

any ideas?

  Stuartli 15:14 21 Aug 2004

I have a Pentium III 550MHz Slot1 (Katmai/Katimai) and the bus speed is 100 MHz.

The Athlon FSB should be set for 333MHz according to the specs.

  Djohn 15:20 21 Aug 2004

Just to start you off and give the good news. Yes, your system should be faster than your sister's, in fact it should leave it standing in all areas of performance.

I think it will all be due to the way your system as been set up and this is where we will need to start from.

Can you give a few more details as to what you mean by sluggish? First off how long does it take to reach a working desktop from pressing the GO button on the tower unit?

How many programs have you in your start-up folder that are loading on booting? Do you have any P2P programs and have you run a full system scan for Virus?

What operating system is on your sisters PC and on yours? Just a few questions to start off with so that others can come in and offer advice where they can. j.

  Djohn 15:22 21 Aug 2004

Posted without seeing your reply but that's a good piece of info. to start with.

  dagwoood 15:34 21 Aug 2004

I thought 166mhz was correct because of the effect of DDR it will double this value(166*2=332).


  pcwhizz 20:35 21 Aug 2004

My pc takes 62secs to cum to a usable desktop

it is runnin XP Home SP1a

At Startup i have runnin Norton Internet Security 2003 (whcih i feel is a big part of prob)and a modem utility for my broabnd modem.

None of my p2p software start at startup.

I regualry scan and defect my system usin norton, spybot s&D.

  BITS&BOBS 20:50 21 Aug 2004

Yes Norton is a major cause of a sluggish start up, but with your specs it should eat it up, run MSCONFIG and see what's in the start up as that time for a start up with those specs is a joke.

I recently built an AMD 2500+ Barton on a ASUS A7V8X-X running FSB 166MHZ 333ddr with 512MB PC2700 crucial RAM for my mother inlaw and it is running NIS2004 + System works2004 and all the usual MSM messenger and the rest, and it is ready in about 10 seconds after the welcome screen so it's defintaly not your specs mate.

  pcwhizz 21:01 21 Aug 2004

nwiz = nwiz.exe/install
Dragdiag= modem startup
ccregfy= norton
MSgplus= messenger plus
CloneCDTray = clone cd

thts all my startup items

i kinda recognise all the processes and have an idea wot they are

  Stuartli 09:29 22 Aug 2004

A couple of links to specifications:

click here

click here

  pcwhizz 17:04 22 Aug 2004

but i understand the fsb settings and theya re correct.

my pc just seems to so struggle with pace. its like it has to think longer than it needs to for evrything.

nothins instant if u get me!

  ensonricky 17:36 22 Aug 2004

Your IDE cable and integrity of your hard disk. For the hard disk use click here
Do a control alt delete and check any processes that are using a disproportionate amount of processing power. You may want to start your pc with the minumum number of processes running to see if the problem is software related.
Also try taking your case off to check that your CPU cooler is working properly.
You are quite correct in setting the cpu fsb at 166.

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