Pentium 1 upgrade

  Rodders06 22:01 12 Jul 2004

Hi, I am sure you experienced people can advise.
I have an old, stram driven P1. Decided time to bring my computer into the 21st Century!

Looking at specs, I like the Intel 875P chipset, typicaly supports Prescott core micro, on a mother board such as Asus P4C800-E.

Is this overkill? would I be better just buying a typical AMD machine from a computer fayre for about £200-£300???
To build the first would cost me quite a bit more
What will I use it for.? General Office use, autocad, maybe games (but not essential), if it will run them, fair enough, and broadband.
Any comments welcome


  AndySD 22:09 12 Jul 2004

What sort of price range are you looking at??

  revingtosh 22:11 12 Jul 2004

Hello my friend.

Provided that you stay away from playing games on your PC, you could purhase a P2/P3 for peanuts.

I run an old dual P2 quite happily. The key factor is having plenty of RAM. At least 512 is nice. But the more the better.

I run XP Pro on my PC with no problems at all.

If you're downloading, using office, browsing the web etc, then you dont need the latest greatest PC for this. Save your money for a nice holiday instead!


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