pentinum 1

  the kopite 14:26 07 Mar 2005

Hi Guys I have just built a pentinum 1 166 mmx and it is faster than my modern comp both at surfing and downloading how is this lol the specs are 166 mmx 80mb 72 pin edo 1 crative pci graphics card 1 soundblaster ISA sound card and the master piece a 4 slot usb card lol I have also ordered two 128 mb memory from ebay so what will it be like then Everest say cl 2 catche is not enabled and the mb manual shows jumper5 to do this but there is no jumper 5 on the mb the mb is a asus xp55t2p4 any ideas thanks kopite

  TomJerry 14:40 07 Mar 2005


  the kopite 15:01 07 Mar 2005

Tom thats the reason why thanks kopite

  dan11 15:13 07 Mar 2005

Is not the jumper to the right of the cpu socket, just above the on board level 2 cache chips? You should also have a jumper ( Jp4 ) for 64Mb / 128Mb cache chip.

  the kopite 15:49 07 Mar 2005

Hi Dan There is no jp 4 or jp 5 on the mb there are two catche chips and a slot to upgrade this to 512 mb I have to install a asus or coast catch module to upgrade it to 512 mb this mb is apparently 256mb kopite

  dan11 16:09 07 Mar 2005

Oh. So you just have the pipeline burst expansion slot. That explains why you don't have the jumpers;-(

As an aside. You mentioned that you had ordered 2 X 128Mb ram modules. EDO ram? Do you know the bios version of the board? As far as I know the board just takes 4 modules of 72 pin simms, with a maximum of 64Mb per slot. Total for the board 256Mb. I may be wrong and you may have a better bios revision than the one I know.

  the kopite 10:56 08 Mar 2005

Hi dan I flashed the bios to the latest one on asus site and I have installed at the moment two 32mb and two 8mb modules running fine side by side
but are you saying two 128mb modules will not work please as I have never used 72 pin befor thanks kopite

  the kopite 11:22 08 Mar 2005

Sorry Dan I dont think I explained that very well are you saying please just installing two slots with memory and leaving the other two slots empty will not work I flahed the bios to enable a larger hard disc and it now takes a 8 gb hard disc
so the bios flash has upgraded the board thanks for the help kopite

  dan11 13:37 08 Mar 2005


I am fairly sure with this board, that they must be in matched pairs. e.g. 2 X 32Mb or

2 X 32mb and 2 X 64Mb. 72 pin simms.

What I was concerned about is the size of the memory you want to install.With pcb rev 3.11 for the board, it says that the maximum edo ram per slot is 64Mb. click here So with the revision I am looking at, the maximum would be 4 X 64Mb of 72pin simms.

Thats why I said earlier about the board just taking 256Mb. That's why I also wondered if you had updated the bios and it now has the facility to take 2 X 128mb sticks of edo. Mind you I don't think I have heard of edo in that size

What I did not want, is for you to get the larger ram and then find it would either not work or just run as 2 X 64Mb sticks.

  dan11 13:44 08 Mar 2005

" as I have never used 72 pin befor "

Just a tip about simms, you probably know anyway.;-)

The modules fit in at an angle of about 45 degrees. You then push them to a vertical position. This should snap and lock them in place.

The reverse is used for removing them. Pull on the spring clips at the end. The simms should drop to 45 degrees, then just ease it out.

Good luck:-)

  the kopite 14:17 08 Mar 2005

Thanks Dan I think you are right about the memory good job I have not ordered it this board will take 4 x 64mb though will it not and yes the memory is a pig to install when you have sausage fingers like me lol kopite

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