Pent M vs Centrino Mob Tech (using same Pent M)

  SteadyEddie 10:11 10 Feb 2006

Thinking of buying a laptop for general use - a few applications running at the same time (like Office), basic photo editing, music management. Not really fussed about games. Also for connecting in 'hotspots' - airports, cafes etc.

I know Centrino Mobile Technology is more than just the CPU - and so should perform faster as an overall thing in a laptop - but just by how much?

I have an option to go for a Pent M (not Centrino) or a Pent M Centrino. Just how much faster would Centrino perform? I have to way-up performance vs cost for what I need.

  Belatucadrus 10:31 10 Feb 2006

Be more precise please, which particular CPUs are you looking at ?

  interzone55 11:04 10 Feb 2006

Centrino certification merely means that the laptop contains the whole Centrino package, ie Pentium M cpu, Intel Mobile 915 chipset and Intel PRO/Wireless 2200 (IEEE 802.11bg) or PRO/Wireless 2915 (IEEE 802.11abg) WiFi adapter.

Some laptop assemblers choose not to use the Intel 915 chipset or the Intel WiFi adaptors due to the expense, so use cheaper alternatives. These alternatives may or may not be of inferior quality.

Take a look at the reviews for the laptops your looking at to see if they'll do the job you want them to do.

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