Daiol 18:22 21 Jul 2007

HI,I was reading an article the other day about a chap who had spybot and other spyware software on his usb pendrive,and not on his pc i was wondering if it wasn't installed on any pc how was he running the spybot etc, on any machine to check for errors spyware without it being installed on the pc it was just on his pendrive.Puzzles me or is it me? help.Thanks daiol.

  Daiol 18:47 21 Jul 2007

VoG,thanks for reply,so what i can understand that he still had to install the spybot program onto the other pc then it wasn't all done from the pendrive?,thanks daiol.

  Belatucadrus 18:55 21 Jul 2007

Some anti security progs like click here Dr.Web CureIt can be installed to a pendrive, then used to scan the hard drive of any PC. It's a bit trial and error as some make registry changes on installation and don't work as true stand alone applications. Those that do will only work as remote scanners, any live protection isn't going to work.

  Daiol 15:58 26 Jul 2007

sorry i haven't got back to you regarding the pendrive question but i did work it all out eventually thanks to the help from this forum i would be totaly lost without this forum,thanks again great assistance.daiol.

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