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  Jackcoms 14:33 10 Nov 2004

I want to treat myself to a USB pen drive. I have a spare USB port on the front of my tower.

Do I simply plug the pen drive into the USB port, wait for XP to recognise it as new hardware/a new drive and off I go?

Can I use the pen drive as if it was just another removable disk such as a floppy or a ZIP disk and save anything (Word docs, Excel docs, music, videos, etc) to it?

I notice that most pens are sold as USB 2.0 types. I only have a 1.1 port. Will a USB 2.0 pen work in my 1.1 port?

  recap 14:39 10 Nov 2004

When you first plug a USB pen drive into any OS from 98SE it should recognise it. You only need drivers for W98.

You should then see a Green Arrow in your system tray (the one next to your clock). To remove the device it is recommended that you double click this icon and follow the wizard.

USB version 2.0 is backward compatible.

  Jackcoms 14:45 10 Nov 2004


Thanks for your very quick response!

You said "To remove the device it is recommended that you double click this icon and follow the wizard".

I intend to use the pen drive as portable storage. I assume that I simply plug it in and unplug it from the USB port whenever I want to carry it around. I assume also that the wizard you referred to is only for when I want to completely un-install it from my system?

  Brian-336451 14:49 10 Nov 2004

If you ARE operating XP as you mention, then the answer to all your questions is YES.

Pen drives are fab, I've had one for about 2 years (a Sony USB 2.0), it works in any XP system without extra software, showing up as an independent removable drive - just drag and drop or do anything else you'd do with - say a floppy.

As correctly stated, should you plug in to a 98 or 95 machine (which you don't mention) you would need drivers (as described above). These are supplied usually on a mini CD that comes with the drive.

But (as said) if you've XP, just plug in and off you go.


  Salinger 14:49 10 Nov 2004

You have to shut it down, correctly, before unplugging EVERY TIME.

  Brian-336451 14:51 10 Nov 2004

I have NEVER shut my pendrive down 'properly' EVER.

I've just pulled it out when I'd done whatever.

Never had a problem - but as Rawprawn says on a different thread - we should obey the rules!!

  recap 14:52 10 Nov 2004

No, the wizard is there for every time you just want to un-plug the device. It's a bit like ejecting a Floppy when the green light is on, you stand the risk of corrupting the data, or damaging the drive.

I know you see them on the TV just unplugging them but that is not the way you should unplug them.

I use one on a daily basis in W98, W2k, XP and iMac and unplug them via the wizards when applicable to that particular Platform.

  TomJerry 14:52 10 Nov 2004

This statement only correct for some cases.

For usb port directly connect to montherboard, especially ones on the back, then this statement is correct.

For usb ports on the front, usb2 device may NOT work with usb1.1 port especially, those ports which are on a add on card, not part of motherboard.

So, better to try first if you are planning on use it with fron ports.

  TomJerry 14:58 10 Nov 2004

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  Jackcoms 15:14 10 Nov 2004

Thanks everyone for all your responses - information overload now. :-))

All my questions answered. I guess I may have to speak to Dell (my PC make) about using a 2.0 device in the front USB port - unless anyone knows about the Dell Dimension 8200??

  recap 15:29 10 Nov 2004

Jackcoms, click here and click the configuration link to the left of the screen. From here you will need to enter your tag number and you should then be able to see if your system is 2.0 or 1.0 USB.

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