Pen Drive Problem

  Nellas 06:32 14 Nov 2007

I recently got an annoying virus on my acer laptop ( and then this thing called Disk Knight started appearing everytime I plugged something into a USB port. I seem to have finally got rid of both of them but in the meantime my pen drive and my Kingston memory card reader have both stopped working. When I plug them in nothing happens and they don't work on other computers either. My memory card does work when put into the built in card reader on the laptop. The pen drive had only been used once and it seems a bit too coincidental that I get this Disk Knight thing appearing and then they both stop working. Is there any way to reactivate them or are they broken?
Many Thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:12 14 Nov 2007

Assumming they do not appear in MY Computer.

Can you see them in disk management?

  Nellas 05:20 17 Nov 2007

No. Nothing whasoever happens when I plug them in. They don't appear anywhere and no lights come on or anything. Really annoying and I'm a bit reluctant to now use my one remaining pen drive in case the same thing happens.

  crosstrainer 07:05 17 Nov 2007

You may have blown the ports on the laptop...No light comes on the pen drive(s) to indicate power?

  Nellas 09:31 19 Nov 2007

I think the ports are ok - my USB mouse works fine and another pen drive from my work was fine earlier today. It's just my 2 items that seem to have died. No lights come on them at all.

  Nellas 04:17 20 Nov 2007

Thanks. I'll try that.

  €dstowe 06:42 20 Nov 2007

Have you been hot-plugging these devices?

USB items - especially drives - should always be disconnected via the "safely remove hardware" facility in Windows. Failing to do this, despite what is claimed about USB being hot-pluggable, can easily result in the device and/or the USB port being destroyed or at least deactivated.

  kadar khan 09:18 03 Dec 2007

i found the removal tool of virus.. check this link
click here

  Nellas 08:19 11 Dec 2007

Thanks for the removal tool. Hopefully I can keep this and Disk Knight off in future. I haven't been hot plugging but i'm resigned to them being unworkable now. Thanks for all your advice.

  jolorna 09:16 11 Dec 2007

a google search of disk night will explain what is happening to you click here

  Switcher 23:39 16 May 2008


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