Pen Drive No Access

  rawprawn 07:50 12 Feb 2011

Yesterday I was wiping free space on a 16gb pen drive when my neighbours toddler pulled it out of the machine.
I now get the message windows cannot access this drive.
I have tried to rename it, but disk management can't access it.
I have tried CHKDSK from the cmd prompt, but nothing happens.
I have tried changing the registry as click here because the first message I got was that it was write protected.
Any other ideas, or do I accept it is dead?

  rawprawn 08:49 12 Feb 2011

Thanks for that, but I am not worried about the files, as I only used it for a backup and the originals are OK.
I think "Doomed" may be the right word -:))

  Terry Brown 08:50 12 Feb 2011

Try a recovery program (disconnect pen drive while loading), and recover to a foldr on the main drive - not the pen drive.
You may be lucky.

  Nontek 08:53 12 Feb 2011

Look very closely at the edges of the actual pendrive, is there a write-protect switch????

  rawprawn 09:29 12 Feb 2011

Unfortunately there is no switch.

  rawprawn 09:31 12 Feb 2011

As I said the files are not important, they are only Backups.

  rawprawn 10:36 12 Feb 2011

OK, thanks for your replies, I have taken the only route left open to me and destroyed it.
Shame, but not the end of the earth -:))

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