Pen Drive changes File System

  Audeal 12:51 17 Oct 2004

Last year a friend visited India and brought me back a 128mb (123 mb to be precise) Pen Drive, (Make unknown). I have been having some problems with losing some of the space when deleting files from it, I doesn't seem to recover all the space which was taken up by the file which I deleted. I am using XP Pro.

This is not the main problem I am having with it though. The main problem is that when I try to copy a file onto the drive I get a warning that this drive does not support long filenames and suggests a shorter name. When I check the Properties of the drive I find the File System has changed from Fat32 to RAW. Can anyone please explain to me why this is happening and how to solve it. The other week I lost everything on it, compleatly, and had to reformat it before I could re-use it again.

Many thanks to you all. Audeal

  Audeal 20:27 17 Oct 2004


  Audeal 23:46 18 Oct 2004


  bretsky 01:00 19 Oct 2004

I think you have a file system conflict, your pen drive is using the RAW file system which is not supported by your pc which only supports FAT32 so this would explain why windows is trying to write to FAT32 and the pen drive is writing to RAW.

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bretsky ;0)

  recap 09:43 19 Oct 2004

Could this drive not be change over to Fat32 when Formatting it?

  bretsky 13:02 19 Oct 2004

Well this is strange, because I've just looked at my pen drive properties which is an "Integral 256Mb usb 2.0 flash drive" and has a password protected drive(L)which is in the RAW file system and the ordinary drive (J)is in the FAT file system, so that blows my theory clean out the water then!

As for reformatting it, I suppose you could do it???

bretsky ;0)

  Audeal 14:26 20 Oct 2004

bretsky: Thanks for your reply. I have reformatted the pendrive on several occasions and it always seems to return to the RAW file system.

A few weeks ago I tried to use the drive as I had a lot of Downloaded files on it which I wanted to show my sister and install for her on her machine but when I wanted to add another file I could not access the drive at all. The drive was not recognized at all. In the end I was forced to reformat the drive and therefore I lost all the files on the drive.

I am now hoping someone will come up with an explanation or a cure.

May thanks. Audeal

  Audeal 14:18 21 Oct 2004


  woodchip 14:23 21 Oct 2004

You need to use a Fat32 System, I.E. Win98se and format it on that, then DO NOT format with XP NTFS computer. As you will be back to square one

  Audeal 16:09 21 Oct 2004

woodchip: Thanks for that, the only problem is I don't know anyone now who has win98.

Is it not possible to format it with NTFS as my system is NTFS. could this be the problem, eg. running a drive with Fat32 on a system using NTFS. Would formatting in NTFS or converting from Fat32 solve it. Audeal

  €dstowe 16:36 21 Oct 2004

I don't have any pen drives but, if I format floppies or Zip discs, these are formatted in FAT or FAT32. This is on machines running XP NTFS. From this, I would have expected that you may be able to format you pen drive similarly. Or have I misunderstood?

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