pelorus 10:07 29 Apr 2011

Hi as a complete novice i am scared to open the back of my computer,I need to see what slots are there for a new graphic card.has anyone got a photo of the inside of a medion MD 8822 so that i can see what type of card will replace my NVIDIA 8750GS.


  johndrew 10:19 29 Apr 2011

There is little to be afraid of but points to be aware of if you do this job.

The most important things to ensure is that the mains power is disconnected prior to opening the case and that before you start work you ensure you contact the bare metal of the case chassis with your hand to 'equalise' any static electricity in you or the PC.

You should read - or perhaps print out - the instructions given here for replacing a graphics card link text. One step at the front of the instruction has been missed, you need to uninstall the drivers for the old card before you start; this tells you how link text

  carver 10:21 29 Apr 2011

Not trying to be funny but why do you want to replace the graphic card, that PC is now quite old and merely replacing graphic card will not do a great deal to it unless you increase memory as well, plus you may be struggling with the PSU to power a bigger card.

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