Peer-to-Peer setup problems

  fatmax7 12:54 25 Oct 2005

Hi, I'm trying to create a simple, 2 PC P2P Network via Ethernet cable but am having problems and am wondering what I am doing wrong. Both PCs use XP Professional and have network cards (one PC has a 10/100Mbps PCI card, the other has an Intel 1000 MT Network Adapter). On the Microsoft web site, they say to use a crossover cable, so I did. Unfortunately, one of the computers (I'm not sure which one!) does not recognize the cable. When I use a patch cable (Cat5e), the cable is recognized, but I get an error "limited or no contact" and any kind of shared files attempt fails. Do I have the wrong or uncompatible hardware? Do I have to change the IP addresses? How do I do it? Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

Daniel Costello

  retep888 14:32 25 Oct 2005

Go to both pc's device manager and check if there is any yellow exclamination mark besides the network adapters.

The straight patch cable certainly won't work on a P2P network without a switch/hub, is the crossover cable brand new? Is there any other way to check if it's not defective?

  fatmax7 15:06 25 Oct 2005

Thanks for your speedy response, retep888! The crossover cable is brand new, I don't know any way to check in my home, but maybe I'll ask the store where I bought it to check it out. According to the device manager, both network adapters are working fine (no yellow exclamation marks). What is the next thing to do?

  retep888 15:17 25 Oct 2005

<<Unfortunately, one of the computers (I'm not sure which one!) does not recognize the cable>>

How do you mean not recognized, any error messages?

Running any firewalls? Have you set up ICS correctly? This site may help:

click here

  fatmax7 16:05 25 Oct 2005

Thanks for the web site! The error message reads that the cable is not plugged in properly or has been removed. I'm going to read as much as I can on the website you suggested later this evening, then make another post.


  fatmax7 09:57 26 Oct 2005


Thanks for your help! I changed around the IP- adresses and can now use the printer from the "2nd" computer. I can also share files, but I don't have access to every single file on the other computer. Is this possible, or do I need special equipment? I can't seem to set up an internet connection from the 2nd computer yet. Some pages on the web talk about a "local gateway" or "bridge". Do I need any of this? If not, how do I access my internet connection from the 2nd computer? Again, I really appreciate your help.


  retep888 15:33 26 Oct 2005

Do you have firewalls on both pcs? And what are they? The firewall on the host pc may stop the 2nd pc from connecting to internet.

<<I changed around the IP- adresses and can now use the printer from the "2nd" computer.>>

What have you changed? The IP address should be automatically assigned by DHCP although you may see manually assigned in the host pc.

i.e. on the host machine as the gateway and onwards until 254) on the 2nd (client) pc.

You don't need the bridge.

<<I can also share files, but I don't have access to every single file on the other computer.>>

Can you share files on both pcs? Or just one way?

You can't share the file unless you've made them shared in the network.

  fatmax7 18:13 26 Oct 2005

For IP-addresses I tried and on the computer with the internet connection and the printer (computer #1), and and on the 2nd computer. On computer #1 I have Norton AV and the Firewall which comes with XP. I deactivated it. On computer #2, I have Norton Security, also deactivated during all of these networking attempts. That seemed to work for a while. Then I went to my internet connection, clicked on "properties", then "advanced", then clicked "allow other users to use this internet connection". The IP-address of computer #1 was automatically reassigned (, so I manually reassigned Computer #2 to, since it doesn't seem to want to assign automatically. I can share files in both directions now, no problem, like you say, as long as they are made shared.

I guess my current problem is, I don't know where to even look for the internet connection on computer 2. Would it normally be in the shared folder of computer 1? Do I have to create a new connection on computer 2?

  retep888 19:58 26 Oct 2005

You should've run this on both pcs, that will save you a lot of trouble.

1.While running the wizard, on the main pc(the one connecting to internet) choose this pc connects to internet directly, and finish the wizard without any setup disk,and check if "allow other users to use this internet connection" box is still ticked.

2.Do the same on the 2nd pc except choose this pc connects to internet thru another pc or gateway(something like that).

You don't need to type any ip address, let window take care or it,to make life easier,turn off firewall but leave the AV program on where
applicable whil running the wizard.

Finally,after the ICS setup is done,if you just have xp firewall on the main pc,fine, leave it as it is,then on the 2nd pc,from norton's internet security main page, go to firewall or internet security zone(it's been a while since I'd norton),
choose range and type beginning with ip address and ends with

Post back if any more problem.

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