Peer to Peer

  281apple 08:36 28 May 2006

To send video files weighing up to and sometimes over 300MB, can anyone recommend a free download of a program which could send these files with good and fiable transmission speed?

  mgmcc 08:51 28 May 2006

I assume you mean that you want to send 300MB files to someone over the internet, and not in a local network?

If so, "YouSendIt" click here will allow transfers of up to 2GB. Transmission speed is dependent on your broadband connection's upload speed, which with asymmetric connections, will be slower than that at which the recipient can download it.

  281apple 09:07 28 May 2006

Yes mgmcc I want to send the files over internet and not in a local network. It may be that some people I would be sending the files to could have a broadband connection faster than mine. What kind of problem, if any, would that cause?

  ICF 09:17 28 May 2006

In Outlook Express
click Tools,Accounts,Properties,Advanced tick send and break your message in to a smaller size chunks

  mgmcc 09:33 28 May 2006

With sites like "YouSendIt", you upload the file to them, they send an email to the recipient who logs in to their server and downloads the file in their own time.

Trying to send a 300MB file by email really isn't practical. Some ISPs restrict attachments to as little as 3MB, so splitting the file into 100+ separate attachments would be a nightmare.

  281apple 09:39 28 May 2006

Thanks mgmcc. I checked out "YouSendIt" and it will be fine for me. I'm going to check it out cause I do not like "nightmares" at all. Thanks again and Bless PCAdvisor.

  mgmcc 09:52 28 May 2006

I hadn't realised that you have to pay for transfers above 100MB at YouSendIt - I actually use Dropload click here which has a maximum of 100MB anyway, but I don't need anything larger.

If you want to remain "free" use a file splitter to keep the transfers to under 100MB. I use "The File Splitter" from click here when I need to split large files.

  281apple 12:00 28 May 2006

I'll check out the file splitter cause my vidéos are between 250MB upwards. I did send one 45MB file and it took 22 minutes to upload it. Using a file splitter, can the receipient put them back together again and especially if the files are videos?
Going to be off line till tonight. Thanks for your comments.

  pifko 12:14 28 May 2006
  mgmcc 15:27 28 May 2006

<<< Using a file splitter, can the receipient put them back together again and especially if the files are videos? >>>

Yes, the file splitter I linked to splits the files into segments of the size you select and also creates a very small .EXE file which re-assembles the sections into the original file. You therefore send the segments and the .EXE file, or you can put the final segment and the .EXE into a ZIP archive and send that.

  wee eddie 17:00 28 May 2006

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