peer connection rejected

  Old_Nick 13:37 18 Oct 2007


I have recently from time to time received a message "peer connection rejected" and am then unable to receive email although I have a broadband connection. I addition I cannot display web sites. Restarting the computer corrects the problem although it does sometime recur

Can antone help please

  Technotiger 14:33 18 Oct 2007

How do you connect to the internet? Modem or ADSL router?

  Old_Nick 17:12 18 Oct 2007


  Technotiger 17:48 18 Oct 2007

Hmm, I was hoping you would say Router, I was then going to suggest re-setting the router. I have not used a modem, does it have a reset button similar to router? If so, try a reset. Has this been going on for very long, perhaps a System Restore back to before it started, may be a cure. Sorry I am just trying to come up with suggestions - and hoping to attract other members with their views!!

I believe the error message you are getting is somehow connected to a hardware fault, rather than software, but I cannot be more explicit I'm afraid.

Hopefully others will now come on and give their suggestions.

  Old_Nick 18:41 18 Oct 2007

Sorry, I misunderstood your eariler question, but have since reset, although this had to be done through software.

Regrettably it did not solve the problem.

Have also in device manager reset the software also without improvement

  Old_Nick 18:05 19 Oct 2007

I have now changed the modem for one of a different make and therefore, replaced the software.
I still get normal function for a while and then after a while I cannot connect for email or web sites, although the modem remains connected to broardband.

  Technotiger 19:01 19 Oct 2007

I found this on another forum, but it might be relevant ...

"If the modem claims you are connected but webpages such as click here aren't working then try accessing them via their IP address. Delete anything in your browser's Address bar and insert Google's IP address of:

If this works then you have a DNS problem, most likely caused by the wrong DNS servers specified. So check which DNS server IP addresses are specified in your computer's TCP/IP network configuration. Click here for the correct DNS."

  Technotiger 19:02 19 Oct 2007

Ooops - Ignore the last short sentence!

  Old_Nick 17:06 21 Oct 2007

Looks as if the matter is resolved.
I uninstalled both my Commodo fire wall and some mall ware protection and then reinstalled.
The computer is running faster and (fingers crossed)without loss of web connection

  Technotiger 17:23 21 Oct 2007

Grrreat, thanks for the feedback.

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