alt 09:57 12 Oct 2003

Hi, I am trying to download the Peanut Linux OS. I want to copy it to a cd. I can find the site I need to download it but when I press thew download button, all I get are a bunch of files. Does this mean that I have to copy these files onto a CD first and then install it. I am running Windows XP home, if the answer is yes, I do need to copy these files to a CD, then how do I do this, I have been trying for 3 days now and just cant seem to download it, or copy it to CD...Can anyone help.....Val

  muppetmark 10:34 12 Oct 2003

Can you post a link to the site ?

  Tesman 10:41 12 Oct 2003

I happen to have a copy of Peanut - got it free on a magazine coverdisk - if you'd like it, email me and I'll drop it in the post.

  alt 11:11 12 Oct 2003

Hi, Here is the link,

  alt 11:17 12 Oct 2003

Hi Tesman, Thank you. I guess what I am trying to ask is, do I have to use the CD. or can I download the OS from the internet as I would download any other programme....sorry for my ignorance....Val

  Taran 11:28 12 Oct 2003

click here

Click on the link for small.iso

Accept the prompt to download the ISO image file and save it to your hard drive.

Open up your CD Burning software (Nero, EasyCD Creator etc) and select the option to burn a disk from an image file. Browse to where you saved the downloaded small.iso and burn it to CD.

Check out your CD burning software helpfiles for the correct procedure, depending on product and version.

Start your PC with the Peanut Linux disk you made from the downloaded ISO file in the CD ROM, make sure your system can boot from CD ROM and follow the install prompts.

Good luck with it.



  alt 11:33 12 Oct 2003

Thanks everyone, Taran, it is now downloading, thank you very very much.....Val

  Taran 11:35 12 Oct 2003

I've just re-read the above and my instructions are a perhaps little too concise.

To expand on the above slightly, the ISO file you download is an image of the Peanut Linux distribution CD.

Imagine if you bought a CD to install from, if you burn your own disk from an ISO image, this gives you the same kind of CD as the one you would buy in terms of what is on the disk. A bought CD is pressed while yours is individually burned but the contents of the disk are the same, ie., all installation files and directories are on the CD. It will autoplay on system bootup and run into its install process, as long as your computer is set up to boot from CD ROM before booting into the hard drive.

All mainstream Linux distributions are available as ISO downloads. Once you get the ISO file(s) that you need for your chosen distrubtion, you burn the image file(s) to create your insatll disks.

Nero and Roxio have slightly different ways of burning disks from image files, so if you come unstuck on that front post again and one of us will walk you through the whole process.

Hope this helps.



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