Peak III Flash Drive help

  gazmix 14:58 27 Jun 2007

Hi all
I've just bought a 1GB PeakIII flash drive to back up stuff i have in 'my documents'.

There seems to be no instructions only that it says i need to install drivers if i'm running W98. I'm not, so thats ok.

It says i need to 'Download Programme' from click here , but the guy in the shop says i don't need to, as it's for other things, not what i want to do!! Confused.

It says, Click falsh memory under product quick links.
Click USB flash drive & find PeakIII flash utility.
Simply click download section - format. exe interface
Double click format.exe to execute 'partition/security/configuration'

He sounded a big head & wondered if i need to do this.
He says i just whack it in the usb port & away you go!
I just want to back up stuff like office files. the odd son & movie clip that i have in my documents.
Is 1GB enough? It says i have 509mb of things 'size on disk'.

Do i need to download this programme or not, as the guy in shop said!!



  rawprawn 15:20 27 Jun 2007

Just plug in your new Flash drive, then click on my computer and you should see it listed there under a new drive letter. If not come back and tell us. 1gb is big enough for your 509mb data. You should not need to download anything.Windows XP has it's own drivers, I assume thats what you have.

  gazmix 15:37 27 Jun 2007

Yeh, it says i don't have to download drivers for xp, but it does say i need 'programme instalation' for all makes of windows, maybe this is for doing more than what i am!
I'll report back! I have to disconect my speakers as i only have 2 usb sockets & the speakers & mouse take them up!

  jimv7 15:40 27 Jun 2007

I have a 1GB PeakIII flash drive, and never needed drivers for any os from me to vista.

  gazmix 00:38 28 Jun 2007

I know about the drivers, i don't need drivers i have XP!!!

It' s the programme Installation that it says!!
What is this, do i need to download this!!
It says for Windows 98, 98se, ME,2000, XP.

What is this? Do i need to download this!?

Can i just stick the flash drive in back, boot up & store my stuff! Thats all???


  rawprawn 07:33 28 Jun 2007

just stick the flash drive in back, boot up & store my stuff! Thats all!!

  radi8or 08:20 28 Jun 2007

You don't need it for what you want to do, but if curious download it, if you don't want/need/like it uninstall it.

Regards Bob

  I am Spartacus 08:27 28 Jun 2007

The program(s) allow you to format the disk and create a secure area on it using the Lock.exe program. I found it pretty useless.

  I am Spartacus 08:28 28 Jun 2007

P.S. User Manual at click here it opens as a pdf file

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