Peak Digi Card

  918 22:26 29 May 2010

Would updating the driver on my Peak Digi Card
make it run any quicker

Cheers 918

  rdave13 22:32 29 May 2010

Not enough info. Is it a SDHC card or is it a TV PCI card? What OS? What BB speed , etc,.

  918 12:03 30 May 2010

Hi rdave thanks for replying

The card is a........
and the BB speed is 6.1 Mbps

  jack 12:58 30 May 2010

However the computers internals has a lot to do with the way a peripheral performs.
In the case of a TV card the amount of RAM and the graphics card specification are perhaps more relevant.

So a full computer spec list please.

  918 13:13 30 May 2010

Yes Jack your right about the RAM i used to have
512mb but i've just put a 1gb card in so i've lots
of RAM now,but its still slow,

Cheers 918

  jack 16:45 31 May 2010

Is not enough to run heavy graphics loading.
Tell me more about the graphics card.
Take a look at the back of the computer
Where is the monitor plugged in?
Is the socket in a group with the usb/mouse keyboard all the others[This is call on board graphics.
Or is it on a separate card in the PCI slots ?

  918 19:02 31 May 2010

Ok i've got one and a half GB now.

I'm not sure what you want to know mate,all i want is to record TV programs,download them to a disc
Jobs a gud un.

The monitor is plugged into one of those extension
things that everything plugs into.

As you can tell i'm NOT very PC literate but i'm trying

Cheers 918

  jack 09:01 01 Jun 2010

Just to be more explicit
On the back of the machine there is a panel with 'All the sockets' in one place this is what you mean isn't it?
If so this mean you have on board graphics.
That is a basic graphics IC built into the mother board and will be for general computery thing.
Once you get ambitious however and want to do graphics heavy work you would be best advised to look into a graphics card.
Here lies a problem
The old standard was for the card to plug into one of the 6 or so PCI Card slots.
Then the AGP slot was introduced
and currently the PCIE slot is the kid on the block
Which is yours.
Take the side cover off- and look
An AGP slot is grey and sits further back from the back edge of the mobo than the black PCI slots

PCIE is different again.
But as of yet you have not told us about your computer
Make Model year of purchase
tell us that and we will delve further
But I am racing ahead here perhaps ,because I cannot see or touch your machine.
The slow running may be simply that it needs a good clean up.
So put aside all the techobabble above and download

click here

Install it and run the program.
Analyze, Run cleaner, check registry.
If it has not been done before - it make take some time.
But thereafter run it once a week if you do a lot of web stuff.
This may be all you need.

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