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  johnincrete 10:48 19 May 2009

I am wasting so much time in trying to find a converter that actually works.
Has anyone actually converted a PDF to word such that text can be edited?
The PDF I am trying to work with has many formats. The first page is a form & all progs I have tried convert it into a picture and the text cannot be changed. The second page is landscape format on a portrait page: it has two columns of small pictures and on the other side it has questions about them. The converters "convert" this into a picture in word.
No use to me at all - I can import into PagePlus and "edit" by overlaying text frames but it's slow. I've tried the top 5 in MS Marketplace

  PO79 13:02 19 May 2009

click here-(pdf-to-word)-converter-65674.html

  sunnystaines 14:40 19 May 2009

the link provide comes up with a threat warning by norton which blocks it.

not sure if an error or real threat.

  Technotiger 15:03 19 May 2009

Have you tried PDF Converter4 Pro click here not cheap but excellent!

  johnincrete 04:57 21 May 2009

The amount of conversions I want to do does not justify paing for software so I'll do it the hard way.

  wiz-king 07:48 21 May 2009

It might be easier to copy the text and paste it into a new word document then scan the photos and add them.

  Taff™ 08:06 21 May 2009

VeryPDF click here and take the free download which is effectively a trial version limited to 100 uses and 5 pages but it`s very good and is probably worth the $40. Try it and see what you think. (This is the latest version of the previous link from PO79)

  stlucia 08:12 21 May 2009

Why not print the document, then scan it with an OCR program to get the text?

  southhead 08:39 21 May 2009

Will this free on-line pdf to Word converter do what you want? click here It seems to work OK. The converted file is emailed to you, so use an address you don’t mind giving out.

  johnincrete 07:39 05 Jun 2009

The PDF I want to convert is complex and the many converters I have tried have totally failed.
To be fair, most converted a PDF of text only into word (it was created from a PagePlus publication).
I will continue as Wiz-king suggests.

  Arnie 16:52 05 Jun 2009

"Has anyone actually converted a PDF to word such that text can be edited?"

Yes many times.

Open the PDF file and select as much text as can be viewed on your screen.

Use the PDF’s Snapshot tool to save the text to the clipboard.
Open a photo editor e.g. Paint Shop Pro and click on Edit > Save As New Image.
The image will be saved as a photo image.

Repeat this procedure sequentially saving each snapshot as image1, image2, image3 etc.
Now use an OCR program and select image from file, (not scanner).
The text can be saved to Word. This will be saved as formatted text.

Repeat this with each text image, building up the text in the Word document.
When you have saved sufficient text, use Control A to highlight the text and then Control C to copy it.
Open a new Word document page and click on Edit > Paste Special. The Paste Special box will open. Now Select Unformatted Text > OK.
The text can now be edited quite easily as required.

Note: Some PDF files disable the snapshot tool. Here we have to use a different technique.
Use a digital camera to snap the screen shots and after downloading the images to the computer, save then in your image editing software program as previously described.
This procedure may appear to be complicated but it’s easier to do than to describe it.

I’ve used this method a number of times successfully.
I’ve also taken off screen teletext shots with my digital camera and saved them into Word.
The black background / white text can be reversed by selecting negative image in your photo editing software.


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