PDF Thumbnail Creation

  Air_Man 16:31 26 Aug 2004

Does anyone know of a (preferably freeware) tool that can batch create thumbnails of the first page of a PDF document (in my case - the front cover) for use as image links in web pages.

Currently I have to view the page in Reader, screenshott it, paste it into PSP, shrink it and finally save it with the tn_ prefix - a right pain.

Thankx in advance.

  Taran 22:11 26 Aug 2004

I use Adobe Acrobat, which is hardly free, or sometimes GhostScript and The GIMP on Linux.

If you are a handy coder and want to play, you could try this rather nice .NET solution: click here

There are also ways of using PHP, but there isn't enough space in this forum to go through the necessary steps, code and the required PDF server support. You could say that it's a bit involved and, frankly, the return on the time investment is hardly worth it unless you have hundreds or even thousands of PDF files.

Off the top of my head I'm taking a guess that Adobe Photoshop could batch process this. Photoshop can open PDF files. You get to select which page of a given file you wantt o view and you can edit it in Photoshop. Note that this creates enormous files by comparison to Acrobat, but it can be done and Photoshop has a very nice batch editor so you could feasibly create your batch process and run it on a directory of PDF files.

A friend of mine (yes I do have one!) suggested the Pdf995 Suite to me a while ago but I've not had the time as yet to dip my toe: click here

Aside from that, nothing springs readily to mind that would be in any way simple.

  Pesala 17:33 30 Aug 2004

A couple of ideas that might save some time.

1. Zoom the PDF files to 25% or 50% to save resizing them later (less distortion perhaps? It depends on whether Adobe Reader's image smoothing is better than Irfan View's. I suspect that Irfan View's might be better).

2. Use the screen capture feature in Irfan View click here to save screenshots directly to a file with a hot key.

3. Use the batch feature in Irfan View to crop, resize, and rename the resulting files in one operation. click here

  Forum Editor 18:36 30 Aug 2004

If you can you'll be very interested in a program that will take your pdf files and batch process them into any one of around 90 different file types - then create thumbnails from them.

Still in development, but nearing completion it's called BIMP Professional, and will be a absolute bargain at around $20. You can read all about it if you
click here

  Air_Man 07:36 01 Sep 2004

Good idea with the zooming first - I'll use that for now. Going forward, since coding is not really and option, I have subscribed to BIMP updates and we'll see if it does the job.

I will post my findings....

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