PDF query???

  spanneress 21:42 08 Mar 2004

I just downloaded Go2PDF (free) to tidily produce some training material I have written..OK..dumb question, but how do I create them (having converted them from Word 2K) as read only files..not the obvious way of selecting the properties of the file and changing to to 'read only' as this does not work..I want people to be able to view it but not copy and paste from it..i.e nick my work!!

Any idea's folks?

Much appreciated.

  Paranoid Android 21:46 08 Mar 2004

Most free pdf software does not have security features enabled. You will probably need to invest in a copy of Acrobat Distiller (Adobe) to do what you want.


  spanneress 21:48 08 Mar 2004



These normally set themselves up as printers.

Select File/Print, then look in the printer drop down list and you should find it there.

  ventanas 21:54 08 Mar 2004

This is a bit cheaper than Acrobat click here and does have some advanced features. Check out the site to see if it will suit.

  spanneress 21:57 08 Mar 2004

You are absolutely right. Once created, opened it in Adobe, file, pring, selected the virtual printer...properties, Access Control, checked the 'Enable content encryption' jobbie and Robert was your mothers brother!!

Many thanks you guru's!

  spanneress 21:58 08 Mar 2004

pring of course should read print.

And not one drop of alcohol.


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