pdf problem

  lakeman 11:09 17 Jun 2010

my father just bought a new digi camera,cd rom that came with it has the manual on it in pdf format,he doesnt have a pc and wants to view the file somehow thru his tv or maybe his dvd or archos. is it possible to do this. i dont want to print it its over 150 pages.i tried saving it to sd but the tv doesnt see it.

  MAT ALAN 11:11 17 Jun 2010

To read PDF you need a PDF reader, did it not come with a hard copy of instructions/data...

  MAT ALAN 11:15 17 Jun 2010

Another question ,if he doesn't have a PC how is he going to dispay the photo's he takes...

  lakeman 11:35 17 Jun 2010

i can read the file , i have a pc.my prob is giving him a method of viewing his manual without me having to print over 150 pages.he prints his pics via pictbridge also his standalone printer has sd card slots. i need to convert the pdf file on the cdrom to something that can be viewed on tv or another media such as the archos i mentioned before

  mooly 11:35 17 Jun 2010

Use a snipping tool (such as built into Vista) and use that to make each page of interest a .jpg picture.

Then, depending on the playback equipment capabilities use your PC to either make a "movie" of each picture and burn to DVD disc and pause each on playback or if the DVD/TV supports a USB device directly, just copy them all as jpg's to the flash drive.

Matt Alan ;) folk without PC's do still get pictures printed.

  northumbria61 11:38 17 Jun 2010

You need a computer to view a pdf file but you can still view your photos/pics on your TV without a PC.

The most obvious way to display digital photos on TV is to make use of your digital camera itself. Most, if not all digital cameras these days come with a video-out cable. Simply connect one end of the cable to the video-out of the camera and the other end to the video-in of the TV. Simple as that – play back the pictures on the camera and they will display beautifully on the TV.

The drawback of this approach, of course, is that you can only show the photos available on the memory card within the camera. So if you only have a 32MB memory card installed, then you probably show very few pictures.

  northumbria61 11:40 17 Jun 2010

Another approach is to use a photo viewing device. One device I which has served me well is the SanDisk Digital Photo Viewer. This neat little device sits on top of your TV set and it accepts popular memory cards like CompactFlash, MultiMedia, Secure Digital, SmartMedia and MemoryStick as input. There is a video-out port to connect the device to the TV. In summary, this approach is similar to using a digital version of a 35mm slide projector, so to speak.

  northumbria61 11:42 17 Jun 2010

Mooly - "Then, depending on the playback equipment capabilities use your PC"

Lakeman states his father doesn't have a PC.

  northumbria61 11:42 17 Jun 2010

Mooly - "Then, depending on the playback equipment capabilities use your PC"

Lakeman states his father doesn't have a PC.

  hastelloy 11:50 17 Jun 2010

northumbria61 Mooly was suggesting that lakeman makes a slideshow/movie of the manual to give to his father on DVD or flash drive as appropriate.

  lakeman 11:52 17 Jun 2010

my apologies if im not making this query clear, mooly thats the best way of doing it probably i was just being lazy and tried to find an easier solution but i think yrs is prob the best and prob only way apart from printing the full manual which im trying to avoid, i havnt tried it yet but i suppose all depends on wether windows movie maker will allow me to do it, i will give it a go and post back yay or nay..thanks

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