PDF print-out problem?

  [email protected] 16:51 29 Jan 2010

Win7, Epson Stylus Photo R300.
I have a new camera and the full manual is in PDF format on CD. I would like to print it for easier reference.
The PDF file runs to 221 pages and I want to print 2 pages side by side, lanscape on A4.
The problem is when I start the run, I get pages:-
1 & 221 on the first sheet then 2 & 220 on the second and so on. (at this point I cancelled the print).
I would like to print pages 1 & 2 then 3 & 4 etc to make it easier to read/acces but can't realise the settings.
Help please and thanks in advance ;-)

  johndrew 17:02 29 Jan 2010

The PDF is set up to print as a booklet. If you go to "File/Print" you should be able to print all the pages you want from there.

Failing that if you want something completely different, and the PDF will allow it, you need to break it down using something like PDFTK Builder click here and re-assemble it in the form you want.

  [email protected] 17:05 29 Jan 2010

Thanks johndrew, I'll have a look at that.

  [email protected] 17:11 29 Jan 2010

Sorted. Changed the setting "Booklet" to "Multiple pages per sheet".
Printing out nicely as we speak :-)
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction jd.

  BT 17:20 29 Jan 2010

Hope you've got lots of spare ink ;-)

  [email protected] 20:38 29 Jan 2010

Yup, plenty of ink but towards the end I was worried for paper LOL. Well over 100 sheets of A4 which I now have in plastic sleeves in a hardback folder.
Bit overkill for some but when I want to study in the lounge and the computer is downstairs in the office...
Wouldn't have been necessary if C##on had provided more than a quick start guide for a very versatile camera :-(

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