pdf language conversion

  conrail 15:40 16 Jun 2011

hi, looking for a way to convert a pdf file from Dutchg to English, I have tried pdf2word but that opens it up in text boxes in word and the tools, language, convert option is greyed out so can't use that all help and advice appreciated

  wiz-king 16:26 16 Jun 2011

Copy and paste the text into the google translator then copy and paste the result into a word document.

  conrail 16:53 16 Jun 2011

thanks wiz-king, I have the pdf on my desktop and downloaded the google toolbar, when opening the pdf document I am only given the option to copy the image which wont paste into google

  wiz-king 18:07 16 Jun 2011

A PDF is not an image, if you have been sent an image of a PDF there's nowt you can do with it. On the PDF's toolbar you might have 'page with a capital T' symbol, you can highlight text with that and then copy and paste. What program are you using to open the PDF?

  conrail 19:07 16 Jun 2011

I'm using Adobe Reader 8, I also have Adobe Image Ready 7 installed, probably come with Reader, I know nothing about this

  conrail 19:08 16 Jun 2011

should have mentioned, the curser on the pdf is crosshairs?

  wee eddie 20:49 16 Jun 2011

This was recomended a while ago. I have no idea how well it works as I have never tried it, so you would be on your own.

I believe that it is able to convert a PDF into a Text File at no Cost to you. PDF Converter

  lotvic 01:11 17 Jun 2011

Did you highlight the text and then choose 'copy'? (that will put it on the clipboard ready for you to paste)

  wiz-king 05:43 17 Jun 2011

Move the cursor to the start of a bit of text, press down the left hand mouse button and whilst pressing it down move the cursor to the end of the text. then copy 'n' paste.

I think, not having used Adobe for several years.

  conrail 20:59 17 Jun 2011

thanks wee eddie, been trying that, hence the delay in writing, no joy, also thanks lotvic and wiz-king, been unable to copy because, as son pointed out,the pdf is not in text format, it is a picture, never come accross this before so copy and paste just pastes the whole lot. i appreciate your help and many thanks for your time and effort

  velveteen 09:17 22 Jul 2011

I used to convert pdf of foreign language to word format.

I use this pdf converter.

Hope it helps.

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