.pdf image convert to .tif via "printer driver" ??

  greybeard 21:12 18 Dec 2008

Can anyone give me a brain-dead explanation of the method of converting a .pdf file to a .tif file that involves "using the printer driver route" ?
I'm looking for a simple conversion of an image file I have, and keep finding this mentioned as a method, and would like to know what it means and involves, before I try anything else.

I've got photoshop 5 which allows me to open the file but not save it as anything else, and I want to edit it in CorelPhotopaint 8, my workhorse.


  MAT ALAN 21:16 18 Dec 2008

click here

this may help...

  greybeard 21:36 18 Dec 2008

That seems to be a commercial version which uses the method.
Unfortunately the trial version - perfect for one file - places a watermark in it, so that's out.
And I'm not prepared to pay $69 for the full programme for just one file conversion !
But thanks for the idea.

  greybeard 21:46 18 Dec 2008

... your idea sent me back to photoshop to look at the possibilities of printing it.
Instead, I noticed "export with transparent background", and this allows me to export it as a .tif amongst other possibilities.


  hssutton 22:11 18 Dec 2008

I don't have Photoshop 5, but do have later versions. At the moment I'm using the latest which opens PDFs and also allows via "Save As" to save PDFs as Tiffs or Jpgs.

A little curious as to why you would want to convert a PDF file to Tiff. I've just carried out a test with the following results, 754Kb PDF equals a 30Mb Tiff

  greybeard 08:50 19 Dec 2008

I edit images as tiff for the simple reason that corel photopaint 8 doesnt support pdf files.

I've now discovered that there appear to be two different forms of the pdf files I've been sent, and photoshop will save one type as a tif OK, but the other gets converted into a .psf file first, and that is where the problem originated.
All is now solved.

  hssutton 09:38 19 Dec 2008

Thanks for the explanation

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