PDF forms

  Iceman244 17:15 17 May 2009

I have been sent some application forms that are PDF files.

I want to type the forms but it will not allow me to with there just being a small hand icon.

I cant save the document as word,so how can I type into the PDF document?

  Technotiger 17:31 17 May 2009

You need a program for editing pdf's.

click here

not cheap, but excellent.

There is the free Foxit Reader (via Google) but I don't know if it allows editing of PDF's.

  Strawballs 17:33 17 May 2009

You will need PDF writing software or if you have Microsoft office you can save as MDI file then use text box to write in it.

  Technotiger 17:36 17 May 2009

Yes, click here Foxit Reader does allow you to edit etc ...

  march 17:42 17 May 2009

this site might be useful to you

tclick here

  march 17:47 17 May 2009

no software to down load with this & it's free did'nt explain it on last posting sorry

click here

  johnincrete 07:55 18 May 2009

1. Very poor quality images
2. Every word is in its own text box

I'm stil looking for a converter PDF to Word

  march 08:03 18 May 2009

sorry bout that johnincrete I have used the site several times; converted pdf files to word & visa versa & they have been fine been able to fill application forms in with no problems

hope you find a converter that works for you

good luck to you

  march 08:12 18 May 2009

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