PDF Files - Is it Me?......

  dave h 12:38 17 Apr 2004

Am I the only one who finds PDF files to be most unhelpful when it comes to making a hard copy?

I can understand manufacturers wanting to keep costs down by providing manuals 'on a disk'.

But if you need a hard copy you have to print the whole manual, when you may only want specific pages!!

Does anyone know of a program (apart from Adobe Acrobat)to convert .pdf to Word (or even .txt)?


  Sir Radfordin 12:42 17 Apr 2004

Within Acrobat Reader you can select text.

You can also print 'random' pages rather than the whole thing if you want.

Not quite sure why you feel so frustrated by it?

  ton 12:46 17 Apr 2004

In Adobe Reader6, if you click the Adobe Print icon, a box opens to choose which pages to print.

  Simsy 12:55 17 Apr 2004

there will be an option to choose what pages you want to print.

There was a free pdf to Word converter on a coverdisc recently.... I'll see if i can find it again.



  dave h 17:47 17 Apr 2004

Hmmmm... Let me clarify my requirements....

Yes , I can print individual pages (as several of you point out) but I can only do in in the format shown, with 2" margins and large Typesizes (in Part).

What I would LIKE to do is cut and paste the sections I need ( with or without the Illustrations) and Size the typeface to suit my requirements at that time.

To Sir Radfordin - How can you 'Select text within Acrobat Reader' and if you can, how can you transfer it to 'Word'?

Thanx to all for the input so far

  VoG II 17:49 17 Apr 2004

Use the Text select tool. Select as much as you want and press CTRL+C. Go to Word and CTRL+V

  Sir Radfordin 17:52 17 Apr 2004

What VoG said.

There is also an image select tool - that can be used to select anything.

  GroupFC 22:42 17 Apr 2004

Thanks Guys!!

This is something I too had been wanting to do but had not yet got around to finding out how to!!

  Forum Editor 22:46 17 Apr 2004

a tool that will convert a pdf to Word format

click here

  Simsy 00:51 18 Apr 2004

is called "solid converter PDF"

The website is click here

I was surprised by how effective it is.



  dave h 09:35 18 Apr 2004

Dammit, VoG,

So it was that easy....

The bit that had me stumped was the 'Text Select' tool, I hadn't come across that before. Still, you learn something new every day....

Thanx Vog, and thanx to all the rest of you who posted.

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