PDF to Editable Form

  s99Raj 21:38 19 Oct 2003

Does anyone know how, using Acrobat 6, to convert pdf files into editable files?

I can certainly do it the other way round (e.g. a Word document into pdf format) but I can't seem to see any obvious way of converting a pdf file back. It must be simple, surely?


  spruce 22:30 19 Oct 2003

I am aware that pdf grabber does this

click here

  s99Raj 22:33 19 Oct 2003

Thanks for that - I'll try pdf grabber.

I know that Readiris Pro 8 also does similar conversions, but I'm just surprised that Acrobat 6 doesn't.

  dave h 11:46 20 Oct 2003

Surely acrobat 6 is only supplied as a FREE Reader.

Adobe SELL the program that will allow editing of PDF files

  JerryJay 12:14 20 Oct 2003

Another twp prodrams:

click here

click here

  s99Raj 18:50 20 Oct 2003

I'm not using the free reader - I have the full Version 6 with which I've figured out how to convert TO pdf but not FROM pdf, and I can't seem to see it in their help files.

  Ben Avery 19:11 20 Oct 2003

the idea behind pdf is that you don't edit it when it's been converted.

ou can grab text, add text boxes (fields) etc etc, but if I save a word document to pdf format and upload it to the net, you could not re-convert it to a word document again.

That's the idea of them! :o)

You could however grab the text (use the text tool), copy any images from the document (image tool) and use word to re-paste and format it. That's about as close as you can get.


  s99Raj 20:14 20 Oct 2003


OK, thank you for that. Acrobat seems pretty expensive for converting only to pdf form and not back again. I often write notes for class (I'm a teacher) and distribute them in pdf form. Later I change my mind on some of the wording and wish to change it. Maybe I'll try looking at some other program as suggested above.

  accord 20:29 20 Oct 2003

this may help in some way shape or form

click here=

  s99Raj 20:34 20 Oct 2003

Thank you for that "accord".

  accord 20:38 20 Oct 2003


i think you can download a free trial version of office pro on this link click here=

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