PDF on the cheap.

  Spiny 16:51 07 Feb 2004

Rather than fork out a small fortune for Acrobat (which may well be excellent), I am looking at affordable alternatives. I have come across
"deskPDF" from Docudesk, at just $15

Does anyone have any experience of this product. Does it have any drawbacks?


  Stuartli 17:27 07 Feb 2004

Free softwere mentioned in this thread..:-)

click here

There are numerous other threads on the subject as well.

  961 17:55 07 Feb 2004

Serif is currently doing Page Plus 8 PDF edition at £9.99 + £3 p&p on special

  Pesala 19:08 07 Feb 2004

Try before you buy, so why not do that? Obviously there are differences between cheap or free PDF programs and expensive ones. Serif 8PDF for £10 is good value for money too, but it won't produce PDF files from Word like Desk PDF.

I use PDF Factory, which is also good but cost twice as much as Desk PDF. However, when I tried to prepare a PDF of my friend's book for professional printing, I was told that the PDF file was unsuitable. So there are limitations to cheap programs.

Desk PDF does not mention support of hyperlinks or bookmarks. It does have some options for compression and font embedding which is important to control output file size and quality, but it also seems to lack options for document security.

Serif PagePlus9 will produce professional quality PDF files for a lot less than Adobe Acrobat, but again not from any program. A PDF printer driver like Desk PDF, Jaws, or PDF Factory is cheap and convenient for most users. If you just want to share documents through the web it should be sufficient.

  Pesala 19:30 07 Feb 2004

• Good control over size and quality of output

• Embedding of fonts for files to use on other PCs who may not have your fonts installed.

• Support for Bookmarks and hyperlinks

• Document security to protect copyright information if required

• PDF/x-1a support for professional output

• Ease of use

Since this question often comes up, I will post here a full set of Publish to PDF dialogue boxes from Serif Page Plus 9 to show just how many options there are for producing PDF files. You may not need so many, but it is good to know what the options are.

General: click here

Prepress: click here

Compression: click here

Security: click here

Advanced: click here

  Spiny 10:49 09 Feb 2004

Many thanks to you all. Great help.

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