PDF to big for email

  Inside Edge 17:36 20 Dec 2004

I'm trying to email a document created in MS Word. It is 6 A4 pages and has jpg images inserted into it and is pretty sizable at about 10Mb. I converted it to pdf using Acrobat Distiller (networked application at work) with the objective of reducing it to a size I could send by email, and it produced a file of 35 Mb !!

I read a few previous threads on this sort of problem and a number of different applications have been suggested to other correspondents. I've not tried them, but it seems that they all produce pdf's of different file sizes for a given native file. Can anyone enlighten me as to how I can predict/control the pdf file size ? I got the impression that you can set a resolution in Distiller, but the Acrobat website link doesn't say anything about it. Do any of the other free or otherwise alternatives have such a feature ?

Any thoughts/advice much appreciated.

  wiz-king 18:13 20 Dec 2004

Use Winzip or one of the other such programs to shrink it but make sure the recipient can unzip. Acrobat files soon become 'heavy' if you use a lot of formating.

  Salinger 18:20 20 Dec 2004

You could transfer it using Yahoo Messenger.

  Confab 18:39 20 Dec 2004

If you and the e-mail recipient use outlook express then you can set it to split your large file into smaller, say 500k chunks, and send these. The small chunks will added together automatically at the recipients end to recreate your one large file. If you want to know how to do this then I'll post how it can be done.


  timothywilliam 19:59 20 Dec 2004

Although it appears to be so large in fact I don't think it is. I have sent 64 page documents full of charts and photos and the pdf. file size say it is very big but it goes very quickly. Minutes at the most. So I just plug on and no one has complained yet !!

  Inside Edge 21:54 20 Dec 2004


I'll be sending this to a number of friends, but I don't know what sort of net connection they use and hence to what degree they may get bunged up by a big attachment. However you rexperience is very interesting, so I'll try just bashing it out to one or two known broadband recipients and see what happens.


Yahoo Messenger looks like the right tool for dealing with it if I can't get it reduced in size - thanks.


Thanks for that but I'm afraid I don't use Outlook Express. I guess that feature may not be unique to MS, I'd still be up against the problem of not knowing exactly what all my recipients are using.


tried zipping it, and the file size reduced from 35 Mb to 28 MB. Zipping the native doc reduced it from 10.2 Mb to 10.1Mb - I'm not suprised at the latter, because it's an image and format intensive document, but I'd have expected the "dumb" pdf to reduce more.

Anyone else got any experience with controlling the file pdf size, or a tip as to the most effective application for creating it ? Otherwise it looks like Yahoo messenger is "my man".

Thanks again to all.

  Valvegrid 22:01 20 Dec 2004

Just a thought, why not set yourself up a web site, and upload the file to it and just email the link to the recipients.

I do it all the time at work when I have a large file for the organisation to view, it saves a lot of time and doesn't block their inbox up.

  Simsy 23:30 20 Dec 2004

havinf resaved the jpg images at a higher compression ratio...

Although this might be a lot of work, as your document is only a few A4 pages I suspect this is where the problem is.

You may well be able to get the document to a much smaller size before turning it into a pdf.

Good luck,



  Pesala 23:49 20 Dec 2004

Reduce the size of the graphics to what you actually need. This 13 page calendar is just 1.5 Mbytes as a PDF because I reduced the graphics to 150 dpi and the physical dimensions I used them. click here I used a high quality JPG setting, and produced the PDF from Page Plus 9.

  TomJerry 23:54 20 Dec 2004

start Distiller, select setting and then you can make a lot of change

e.g. change the who docment resolution from 600dpi to 300 dpi, change image quality: low, medium or high, you can use downsampling to reduce kpeg resolution as well.

if ou cannot find setting in Distiller, ask you net administrator how to do it

  GaT7 00:11 21 Dec 2004

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