PDA Themes (how to install ???)

  Craigmave 21:23 22 Jul 2003

Has anyone in here got a pocket PC. I havge got quite bored of the normal screen and would like to install a theme for my PDA. Anyone got any ideas on how to do this ?

  jazzypop 22:35 22 Jul 2003

click here - any help?

  accord 09:41 23 Jul 2003

go to click here and download them into your My Documents folder. Go to Start, Settings, Today, select one a click OK.

hope this helps

  accord 09:52 23 Jul 2003

sorry that link doesnt work aswell as it should. best bet is jazzypops.

  Craigmave 09:57 23 Jul 2003

Is there anyway to upgrade my OS from Windows CE - Windows 2002. I am looking for themes to go onto Win CE but they are not compatible.

  Craigmave 10:07 23 Jul 2003

Ahh actually forget that last post, i just phoned HP and they say there is no way to do this as the company has merged with IPAQ and they dont support this product anymore. Ahh well. Money well wasted.

  accord 10:53 23 Jul 2003

dont you mean HP have merged with Compaq and whats this about them not supporting this product, they are releasing new models all the time.

by the way jazzypops link works fine and i have downloaded a few new themes. cheers

  tenaka 11:44 23 Jul 2003

what os would you go for exactly?

Linux as fas as I know is the only os that even remotely stands a chance of running on the iPAQ.

The main part of Windows CE runs from a rom in the device, hence the hard reset "re-installs" windows to the original installation within seconds.

If you seriously are interested in theming your ppc, checkout facelift (click here).

If what you mean is you just want to change the backround image then you can do that thru the today options in START, SETTINGS.

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