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  [email protected]#36 08:11 04 Dec 2005

I've noticed when logging onto the internet via my PDA, that I am automatically taken to specific homepages on some sites that are designed for PDAs. Google is one example.

Does anyone know how this works, and if it is easy to get my own homepage to do the same?


  Taran 13:42 04 Dec 2005

Designing for handlhelds is always and interesting topic. Much depends on the software the handheld is using, but since the operating systems and browsers most handhelds run are so much better than they were a couple of years ago you can get slightly more adventurous.

Style your site with CSS for the best possible chance of a good result on a PDA.

Almost all PDA's and phones will ignore the CSS and run the page content as basic (X)HTML code. More complex (X)HTML tags will be mangled and can produce some unexpected output, usually in the form of gobbledegook characters inserted into page text. Testing will highlight these problems and give you the chance to overcome them.

Avoid frames (you should be avoiding them like the plague anyway) and be aware that some layers, imagemaps, plugins, Javascript, Java, and CSS (as mentioned above) will either be totally ignored (best case) or cause page output to go a bit scary (worst case).

Considerate layouts and careful use of images can help and you can, if you like, go for an all out, full on PDA compatible site.

The MSDN has a useful introduction to the overall concepts involved: click here

Some Googling will also give you more infromation than you probably want.

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