uk 14:25 24 Oct 2004

Can anybody please write something about the PDA's, their uses and qualities and features to look for when buying one of those.


  bremner 14:28 24 Oct 2004

As with any computer based purchase it entirely depends on what you want to use it for.

click here this site appears to be a good source of info.

  GibsonSt19 15:25 24 Oct 2004

Yummy :)

  bremner 06:15 25 Oct 2004

By E mail

"Hi there thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I can not open the pdabuyersguide.com any other helpful site in this regard? cheers"

It is always best to post direct to the thread - that way others can also assist and benefit.

Don't know why you can not open thesite it works fine for me.

  accord 08:42 25 Oct 2004

pop into WHSmith and purchase PDA Essentials magazine. Loads of reviews and stuff.

  Tycho 08:53 25 Oct 2004

Ensure that it runs something that will synchronise with Outlook. I use an iPAQ 2210 and have fond it generally satisfactory except fo the fact that it has developed a problem with reaading SD cards and that its nice comfortble rubber sides don't appear to be very durable.


  drho 09:02 25 Oct 2004

I use a Dell Axim and have done for a couple of years. It is excellent. PDAs are a wonderful, superbly portable means of having Excel and Word immediately to hand. A folding keyboard enhances its use even more. I wouldn't be without mine; it's a gem.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 09:20 25 Oct 2004

watch films(ripped from dvd),orginizer tools,pocket word,pocket XL,windows 2003 powered by MS,400mhz proccessor(that will probly be never used up),64mb memory,SD/mmc card reader,windows media player9,internet explorer,WLAN for connecting up to wireless network,bluetooth,mp3 player,touchscreen,8hours life with standard battery(swappable).light and thin crisp screen,there only £250,you get in the box:hp ipaq unit,cables and chargers,ms license,handbook,software CD rom,i know i am getting one!.cheers.ben

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